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Hiding Her Face

There’s No Sleep in Cosleeping With a 9-Year-Old

By the time your children are old enough to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you’d expect sleep would have returned to your life. No more screaming newborn means a chance to wake up refreshed and eager to start the day, right? I’m here to burst your “one day sleep will come” bubble. […]

Original Site of Woodstock

The Problem With Living Near a World-Famous Landmark

I have a bad habit to confess. I like to pick up books set in and around Sullivan County and read them. Doesn’t sound so bad? More of us should spend our spare hours reading? True enough, but there’s a slight problem. Our county is host to the site of one of the world’s most […]


Tara & Rob — A Maternity Session

If taking photos of newborns is my favorite thing to do, maternity shoots run a close second. Everyone is excited about the impending arrival … and it’s even more fun when there are big siblings involved. This shoot for Tara and Rob was special — the mother-to-be and I met in fourth grade, and we’ve […]

Inside Out

tractor parade

15 Words That Mean Something Else When You Live in a Small Town

It could be said that small towns have a language all their own. It’s not that the words we use are unfamiliar to our city peers but that we use them in such different ways. Not sure what I’m talking about? Allow me to offer up a few words that mean something a little different […]

Little girl in a pool

You Won’t Waste Their Last Summer Vacation Wishing for School to Start

I have a confession to make that may make me unpopular with other parents. I can’t wait for summer vacation to begin. Begin. Not end. Yes, my daughter will be home. A lot. And yes, there will be days she makes me want to tear my hair out. She’s a 9-year-old; not an angel. I’m […]

stuffed animal

On Winning the War With the Stuffed Animals

I don’t know that I believe in miracles. I’m too much of a cynic. But every once in awhile, even I have to admit that magical, miraculous things can happen. Take this past weekend. While I was out for the afternoon, photographing a wedding, my husband took it upon himself to convince our daughter that […]

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Watching netflix

5 Tech-Savvy Tricks to Stop Kids’ Summer Brain Drain in Its Tracks

It’s already started. The kid has been out of school for less than two weeks, and we’re already fighting the “put down that gadget and go get some fresh air” fight. Welcome to parenting a kid in the new millennium. We had swingsets. They have gadgets. You can kvetch about the summer brain drain and […]

girl with flag

This is 9

Nine arrived in our house this week, and she did not come quietly. She came, instead, bedecked in sparkles and armed with shrieks of giggles. It was a relief. Nine is tough on parents. It’s halfway to 18. It’s the final year of single digits. And yet, it seems, 9 is still childhood. Presents are […]

Lollipop Topiary

Lollipop Topiary: How to Make 1 in 5 Minutes

I have never thought of myself as the creative type. Ironic considering I’m a writer and photographer by trade, but my deepest shame in high school was a 78 in art class that brought down my average (ahem: I am a card carrying member of the nerd herd). But somehow, when my kid’s birthday begins […]

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Juliana — A Newborn Shoot

I don’t know what it is about babies born in June, but I’ve seen some seriously cute newborns from the sixth month this year. You know, the ones you can actually say “she’s beautiful’ about to the parents without feeling guilty for lying. Little Juliana’s mom let me take her outside in a shady spot […]

Merrily 5

Merrily — A Newborn Session

Every photographer has their favorite sort of shoot — some more than others. Mine has always been anything involving children, the chance to capture a moment in time, a moment that’s gone before you can blink. But if I had to be more specific, it’s newborns I love to take photos of most, babies who […]

Ryan bear

5 Things YOU Need to Bring to a Family Photo Shoot

Wait, wait, wait, you’re paying a photographer to take photos of your kids, and you’re expected to bring things along? Isn’t that what you’re paying them for? Well, yes … and then again … no.  Whether you’re going to a photographer’s studio or meeting them out at pretty spot in your neck of the woods, […]

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Pennsatucky Orange Is the New Black

What ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Can Teach Us About Escaping

Like most of America, I have been devouring the second season of Orange Is the New Black since last week, when Netflix released all 13 episodes at once. I binge-watched three episodes the first night, hungry for more, and now that I’m three from the end, I’ve put off finishing it, hoping to savor them. […]

The ultimate musical viewing party

The Ultimate Musical Viewing Party on Netflix

Most people have a favorite TV show from childhood. Me? I have favorite musical numbers. No, I didn’t grow up on Broadway. I grew up on a dead end road in a small town in a rural area. The cable company wouldn’t run lines to our house, and as we were nestled in a valley, […]


The Pirate Fairy Message Is One Every Little Girl Needs to Hear

Let’s be honest, here, at some point, sequels rarely live up to the original. A fourth spin-off that’s actually worth your time? Unheard of. And yet … Disney’s new The Pirate Fairy, fifth in its Tinker Bell movie series (if you don’t count Pixie Hollow Games, which I don’t because it was not a “Tinker […]

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Country Life

Win 25K for Your Cause

Win $25K for Your Cause — Sponsored Post

It’s not always easy being a volunteer in a small town. A smaller population means a smaller pool of volunteers to pick from. A smaller pool of volunteers means a lot more work for the few … for the good of the many. And you don’t get a whole lot of thanks for it. So […]

fire chief

The Few, The Proud, the Volunteers

Some volunteers are drawn to civic duty. We are all part of this global village, and we all must do our part. It’s good. It’s noble. These are people we all count on to keep the world turning. We’re glad they do it. But this past weekend, I wandered a room at the Villa Roma, […]

Girl playing in the snow

If I Say It’s Free, Will They Take It Away?

The dogs were barking. It’s what they do. When there are deer in the yard. When the UPS man arrives. When the wind blows. They bark. There’s an attack on the home, and they must let us know. Only our plow guy wasn’t attacking much more than the gargantuan pile of white stuff in our […]

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