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Frozen Sing Along

Giveaway: Frozen Sing-Along Edition Blu-Ray DVD Combo

If there’s one thing we have all learned in the past year or so it’s this: you can’t watch Frozen without singing. Sure, you can try. But then someone else in the room will start humming, and pretty soon … well, let’s just say it was time for Disney to produce Frozen — the Sing-Along […]


Give Modern Parents a Little Credit: We’re Doing Something Right

I’m starting to cringe when I hear a sentence begin with “well, when I was a kid.” I know what’s coming next: a diatribe about the current state of American childhood, and some high and mighty judgment of their parents. It’s a sensitive area. I’m a parent raising an American child. I confess freely to […]

LEGO Batman

Giveaway: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

If there’s one thing I can count on in my family, it’s that when a new LEGO video game has hit store shelves, my husband and kid will both be lined up to get their hands on the newest title. The LEGO games are one of the few on the market that cross the generation […]

Inside Out

flu shot

Scared of Ebola? Get Your Flu Shot

It was only a matter of time before Ebola made its way to New York State, and it’s official. A doctor named Craig Spencer has the dubious honor of being the Empire State’s first official Ebola case. Scared? OK, but let me ask you a question: have you gotten your flu shot yet? Warning, you’re […]

little girl standing

If You’re a ‘Full-Time Mom,’ What Am I?

“I’m a full-time mom.” It’s a phrase you see a lot on the Internet, especially on parenting websites where mothers go – all too often – to make themselves feel better by ripping someone else down. Because it’s not just “I’m a full-time mom” that they write. It’s “I’m a full-time mom because I really […]

a photographer taking photos

Why That Photographer Is Lying on the Ground

A photo appeared on Facebook this week of me. I’m sitting in the middle of the road, one leg thrown out to the side, the foot up and rooted to the ground. The other leg was bent and positioned beneath me in such a manner that it was holding me steady as I leaned forward, […]

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10 Confounding Mysteries of Parenthood

Before my child was born, I thought I had parenting figured out… as does every other child-free person in America. If you discipline your kids, they will listen, and you will turn out model citizens who eat what’s put before them, never shriek in restaurants, and absolutely never, ever, ever wipe snotty noses on strangers. […]

Panda Pumpkin How To

How to Make a No-Carve Panda Pumpkin

Confession time: I have never carved a pumpkin. I’ve decorated them, but somehow I’ve just never gotten my hands all covered in pumpkin guts to celebrate Halloween. And this year, thanks to a panda-obsessed kid, I’m continuing the non-carving tradition. Introducing … the panda pumpkin! What is a panda pumpkin, you ask? Only the cutest, […]


6 Netflix Hacks for Parents

Have you signed into your Netflix account recently? Wait. Dumb question. Of course you have. The latest figures show Netflix is responsible for one third of the streaming traffic on the Internet in North America. ONE THIRD. How much of that is parents handing a phone to their kid to keep them occupied while they […]

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Brittney & Josh: An Engagement Session

  A lot of photographers have a lot of props in their arsenal. I confess I have a few favorites myself. But when I’m going out on a shoot, I always want to focus on the subject … and that means looking to their lives for the “props” that will really reflect their story. In […]

Jeanne Sager family

If I Can’t Stand in Front of a Camera … What Does That Say to My Daughter?

The selfie may have taken over the world – and the Oxford Dictionary – but there are few on my phone and even fewer on my various social media accounts. If that makes me an anomaly, there’s reason for it. I’ve never been exactly comfortable standing in front of a camera. A lifetime battle with […]


Daniela — A Baby Shoot

Not every birth goes according to plan. When Daniela was born, she’d been in her mom’s belly for 29 weeks and six days. She was in a NICU when most newborns are having their newborn shoot. But her mom had a cool idea: to take photos on the day Daniela turned 29 weeks and 6 […]

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Sleeping Beauty Aurora Prince Philip

Giveaway: ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Diamond Edition Blu-Ray

For years, Disney has fed us tales of heroes and heroines, where good triumphs over evil, and that’s all kids need to know. Then came this summer’s Angelina Jolie powered hit, Maleficent. And everything turned topsy turvy. Which makes the release date of Sleeping Beauty on Diamond Edition Blu-Ray, set for October 7, somewhat curious. […]

Boxtrolls soundtrack

Giveaway: ‘Boxtrolls’ Original Soundtrack

The Boxtrolls stomped into theaters this past weekend, carrying with it a quirky story of unusual family, and the sort of animation that we just don’t see enough of in the day of slick over-produced family fare. The story of Eggs, a human raised by underground trolls who collect trash and love them some boxes, […]

Toy Story

Giveaway — ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Toy Pack & Blu-Ray/DVD

The general rule of thumb is that the farther movie makers get from the original, the worse the spin-offs will be. But somehow Disney has managed to flaunt the rules. Toy Story was good. Toy Story 2, better. As for Toy Story 3, well, who didn’t bawl at big, soppy tears when Buzz and the […]

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Country Life

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in Public Photos — What Moms Need to See More Of

I threw out a request on Facebook last week: needed, a mom who is currently breastfeeding to pose for photos for a national project to spread awareness. I didn’t know what sort of response I’d find. Breastfeeding isn’t something we see much of in our rural area, at least not in public. New York is […]

Original Site of Woodstock

The Problem With Living Near a World-Famous Landmark

I have a bad habit to confess. I like to pick up books set in and around Sullivan County and read them. Doesn’t sound so bad? More of us should spend our spare hours reading? True enough, but there’s a slight problem. Our county is host to the site of one of the world’s most […]

Win 25K for Your Cause

Win $25K for Your Cause — Sponsored Post

It’s not always easy being a volunteer in a small town. A smaller population means a smaller pool of volunteers to pick from. A smaller pool of volunteers means a lot more work for the few … for the good of the many. And you don’t get a whole lot of thanks for it. So […]

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