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The ‘Sick Kid’ Dance Every Parent Recognizes

We’re in the bathroom because it’s the only room with a door, and we’re whispering. “Well, she did say her stomach hurt last night. What if she has to spend the whole day on the couch, no TV?” The other parent nods. “Right, OK, that sounds good.” It’s a dance parents around the world know […]

This Fear Is Parenting

I still remember every time the seatbelt tightened across my chest on that ride home from the hospital. On a good day, it takes less than half an hour to get from there to our house. The day we drove our newborn home, it took closer to an hour. Each time the wind blew, it […]

Stop Using Your Kids to Deny LGBT People Their Rights

“What do I tell my kids?” It’s something I’ve heard over and over from the opposition to equal rights for folks who are LGBT. Every time this disenfranchised community gains an inch in the mile-long road to equality, the sturm and drang rings out from frazzled straight parents, sure this will set their lives on […]

Inside Out

These are the Children in a Small Town

“Do you know everyone?” the girl asks. I shrug. “Close enough,” is the answer, as I turn to the next child on line to buy candy from the AYSO soccer concession stand. “What would you like?” I ask, tacking on that child’s name too. Names matter. Remember how special it felt as a kid when […]

How to Spot a Fake News Article

Well, it’s finally happened. America is being forced to face up to the fact that the Internet is rife with fake news designed to incite our anger and divide us. After years of being blasted on social media with a never-ending slew of misleading memes, downright fraudulent articles and Photoshopped images, we’re now seeing article […]

Stop Donating Food You Hate to Poor People

‘Tis the season when those who have the means (and frankly, the heart) donate to food drives. Granted, we should be keeping families, especially kids, who go hungry in mind all year long. There are 13.1 million children under 18 in the United States who live in households where they are unable to consistently access […]

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Teaching Kids to Look for the Helpers Isn’t Enough

There’s an old Mr. Rogers quote that’s often brought out in tough times. If you want to get technical, the quote belongs to the mother of the TV personality best known for his cardigans and puppets, as Rogers related her telling him as a child to “Look for the helpers. You will always find people […]

A Letter to the Mother of My Child’s Bully

She doesn’t cry about it. That’s not her way. She gets angry though; a slight deviation from the righteous indignation of tweenhood. She doesn’t like being called names or being lied about. Would you? I don’t think you would. I wonder though: Do you call your children names? Is that why they are so mean […]

They’re Going to Need This When We’re Gone

“One day you’re going to want to remember this moment,” we tell them. The looks on their faces make one thing clear: both the 7-year-old and the 11-year-old think we’re crazy. The 2-year-old just wants to drink his yogurt drink in peace. We are undaunted. We will get this photo if it kills us (and […]

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They’re Same Sex Wedding Photos; Get Over It

I started Sunday morning with 1,849 fans on the Facebook page for my blog, Inside Out Motherhood. Nothing compared to many of the “big” blogs, but nothing to sneeze at either. Then the number began to dip. One thousand eight hundred forty eight. One thousand eight hundred forty seven. One thousand eight hundred forty six… […]

Why This Photographer Would Rather Take Photos of Your Kids Than Her Own

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it … well, you know how the saying goes. “Your daughter must just love having her photo taken!” or “Oh, your daughter must be so much better at having her photo taken than [insert self-deprecating comment about comment maker’s own children].” Considering she’s had a lens stuck thisclose […]

Brittney & Josh: An Engagement Session

  A lot of photographers have a lot of props in their arsenal. I confess I have a few favorites myself. But when I’m going out on a shoot, I always want to focus on the subject … and that means looking to their lives for the “props” that will really reflect their story. In […]

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4 Best Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix (That You Probably Don’t Know About)

Let’s face it, Christmas time is about family. And what better thing to do with your family than put down your iPhones and iPads and gather round a TV to watch a Christmas classic? How about watching a Christmas flick you probably ignored? It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful thing, but the glory of […]

‘Inside Out’ Could Save Countless Kids From Suffering in Silence

Like pretty much every parent in America, I sobbed my way through Inside Out. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Pixar movies since becoming a mother: Moments that will leave me in tears as I contemplate the fragility of childhood. What I didn’t expect was that upon re-watching Inside Out (it hit DVD and […]

9 ‘Aladdin’ Facts you Probably Never Knew

If you can call something that hasn’t even hit the quarter century mark a classic, Aladdin fits the bill. Introduced in theaters at Thanksgiving in 1992, the Robin Williams movie was Disney’s 31st feature length animated flick, and one that rode a magic carpet into the history books, between Academy Awards, Golden Globes and a […]

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The Single Worst Place You Can Ask for a Discount

It never fails. You’re manning the ticket table at a fundraiser, and up walks someone looking to make a deal. “So,” they’ll usually start, “how about a discount?” Or, “Hey, is there a discount for seniors/students/people buying a whole bunch?” Typically the answer when rebuffed is, “oh, I was just kidding,” but there’s always something […]

Sometimes Getting Out of Jury Duty Is Better for the Jury

It’s not often that you find yourself standing in front of nearly 100 people and a judge is staring you in the face, asking if you can be unbiased. I began to stutter. I think I said something like, “Uh. Yeah. I mean, I guess I can,” before collapsing into the pew beside another woman […]

Small Town Healthcare Is a Big Time Problem

Two hours feels like 20 when you have a child in pain, when your arms are wrapped around her whispering, “It will be OK. We’re going to a hospital. The doctors will take care of you. I’m here.” We had to drive two hours to find a hospital with a plastic surgeon on call on […]

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