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The Simple Secret to Raising a ‘Good’ Kid

There was a line in the supermarket, and the cashier was working as fast as she could to scan through the giant pile that would become my family’s meals for the week. I stood at the end of the checkout lane, funneling bottles of juice and yogurts into bags. In minutes, we were done. The […]

Why I won’t apologize for being a working mom anymore

The paper had to be a few years old. I could tell by the scrawling penmanship, the misspelled words. It was from a long past Mother’s Day, one of those sheets kids are given to fill out about their moms. One line jumped out. “My mom always …” In a kindergartner or first grader’s messy […]

How I Became a Person Who Returns a Dog to a Shelter

Adopt don’t shop. A dog is for life. Dogs are family. I’ve said it all.  I’ve meant it all. Until that moment when it all changed, when I became the sort of person I’d always judged, when I became the sort of person who adopts a dog one day and returns him to the shelter […]

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10 Best Things About Raising a 10-Year-Old

Let’s be honest. Being parent to a 10-year-old rarely makes the “things I can’t wait to do” lists. Ten is the age when everything falls apart. They hit double digits and the so-called tween years. They’re independent. And they let you know it. Frequently. They’re hormonal. Angry. And much, much smarter than you will ever […]

America, Our Problem Is Ourselves

It’s been little more than a week since America’s 355th mass shooting stopped us all cold, sent us all scurrying for our phones, our tablets, our television remotes to watch the horror unfolding in San Bernardino, California. In a week, our country has become even more divided than it was before gunshots began to ring […]

No, Depression Is …

If you Google “what is depression,” you’ll find a lot of clinical explanations. It’s “feelings of severe despondency and dejection.” It’s “a common but serious illness.” It’s a disorder that “affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year.” It’s all of […]

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Why American Girl Dolls Really are ‘Worth It’

When my daughter first started collecting (and pairing birthday checks with her allowance to procure) American Girl dolls, I knew the looks I’d get from some. I’d given them myself years ago, in the way that all non-moms assume that they know so much more than the mothers standing before them … only to be […]

The Netflix Secret to Getting Sleep When You Have Kids

If you’ve spent any time near a parenting blog or even the news this week, you’ve probably heard about Netflix’ ingenius new means to trick kids into going to bed. The Five Minute Favorites are shortened versions of their favorite shows, so when a kid says “just one more episode,” you can sound like a […]

‘Inside Out’ Could Save Countless Kids From Suffering in Silence

Like pretty much every parent in America, I sobbed my way through Inside Out. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Pixar movies since becoming a mother: Moments that will leave me in tears as I contemplate the fragility of childhood. What I didn’t expect was that upon re-watching Inside Out (it hit DVD and […]

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They’re Same Sex Wedding Photos; Get Over It

I started Sunday morning with 1,849 fans on the Facebook page for my blog, Inside Out Motherhood. Nothing compared to many of the “big” blogs, but nothing to sneeze at either. Then the number began to dip. One thousand eight hundred forty eight. One thousand eight hundred forty seven. One thousand eight hundred forty six… […]

Why This Photographer Would Rather Take Photos of Your Kids Than Her Own

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it … well, you know how the saying goes. “Your daughter must just love having her photo taken!” or “Oh, your daughter must be so much better at having her photo taken than [insert self-deprecating comment about comment maker’s own children].” Considering she’s had a lens stuck thisclose […]

Brittney & Josh: An Engagement Session

  A lot of photographers have a lot of props in their arsenal. I confess I have a few favorites myself. But when I’m going out on a shoot, I always want to focus on the subject … and that means looking to their lives for the “props” that will really reflect their story. In […]

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4 Best Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix (That You Probably Don’t Know About)

Let’s face it, Christmas time is about family. And what better thing to do with your family than put down your iPhones and iPads and gather round a TV to watch a Christmas classic? How about watching a Christmas flick you probably ignored? It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful thing, but the glory of […]

9 ‘Aladdin’ Facts you Probably Never Knew

If you can call something that hasn’t even hit the quarter century mark a classic, Aladdin fits the bill. Introduced in theaters at Thanksgiving in 1992, the Robin Williams movie was Disney’s 31st feature length animated flick, and one that rode a magic carpet into the history books, between Academy Awards, Golden Globes and a […]

‘Paddington’ Movie Brings the Best of the Children’s Books to Screens

If there’s one thing book lovers can agree on, it’s that the book is almost always better than the movie. But sometimes it isn’t about being better. Sometimes, it’s about being different. And that’s where the folks behind the new film Paddington got it right. When the Weinstein Company decided to turn Michael Bond’s book […]

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Should I Buy a House in Sullivan County, New York?

Any time someone begins a question with “be honest,” you know you’re in for it. For a real estate agent, maybe this would have been an easy one. “Be honest, should I buy a house in Sullivan County?” is a no-brainer if you have properties to move. But I’m just a website editor. It wasn’t […]

You Don’t ‘Get’ Our Tractor Parade? Oh Well

“Tractors? You stood around and watched 100 tractors drive down the street? I don’t get it.” How many times have I heard this, or something like it, when I bring up the Callicoon Tractor Parade? I’ve lost count. And my response is always the same. Technically I didn’t stand. I ran. I walked. I scooted […]

Nosy Neighbors Are Killing Childhood As We Once Knew It

They thought their kids were walking to the park the day the cop car pulled up to their suburban home. But Danielle and Alexander Meitiv’s 10- and 6-year-old children weren’t park-bound anymore. They were in the back of the police car. The kids were fine. Their parents were about to be very un-fine. In the […]

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