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Meg and JIll

When Your Little Girl’s Best Friend Leaves for College

Typically when your child’s best friend leaves for college, they too are headed out into the great beyond or will be in a year or so. It’s sad, but they have their own adventures on the horizon to keep them occupied. This past weekend, we bid goodbye to my daughter’s best friend, to a child […]

Pregnant March 2005

Telling the Whole Town ‘I’m Pregnant’

These days, pregnancy announcements are being created with the intent of going viral. So when I came across an article I wrote 10 years ago, an article that introduced my pregnancy to my entire town via the newspaper … well, I had to laugh … and of course, I had to share it. Here’s how […]

Toy Story

Giveaway — ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Toy Pack & Blu-Ray/DVD

The general rule of thumb is that the farther movie makers get from the original, the worse the spin-offs will be. But somehow Disney has managed to flaunt the rules. Toy Story was good. Toy Story 2, better. As for Toy Story 3, well, who didn’t bawl at big, soppy tears when Buzz and the […]

Inside Out

Jeanne Sager family

If I Can’t Stand in Front of a Camera … What Does That Say to My Daughter?

The selfie may have taken over the world – and the Oxford Dictionary – but there are few on my phone and even fewer on my various social media accounts. If that makes me an anomaly, there’s reason for it. I’ve never been exactly comfortable standing in front of a camera. A lifetime battle with […]

sleeping child

When Teenagerhood Comes Knocking … the Signs of Childhood Remain

The kid slept until 11:30 a.m. the other day. At 9:30, I took a break from work to ascend the stairs and assure myself that she was still breathing. She was. And I took comfort in the stuffed animal held tightly in the crook of her arm. Sleeping until close to noon may be a […]

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in Public Photos — What Moms Need to See More Of

I threw out a request on Facebook last week: needed, a mom who is currently breastfeeding to pose for photos for a national project to spread awareness. I didn’t know what sort of response I’d find. Breastfeeding isn’t something we see much of in our rural area, at least not in public. New York is […]

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What Kids Need to See Is Love, Sweet Love

When I brought my newborn baby home from the hospital, I remember asking myself the question every parent must ask themselves at some point: How could I keep the darkness of the world from leeching into her innocent soul? Even after your child lets loose their first bad word or their first fib, the question […]


Children Will Be Left in Hot Cars So Long As We Don’t Think It Will Happen to ‘Us’

Every summer, it happens. A child, somewhere, is left in a hot car. The world explodes with anger and recrimination. Sometimes, it’s warranted. In the Hudson Valley this month, a mother was accused of leaving her toddler in the car on an 80-plus degree day with the windows cracked while she went shopping. If the […]

Hiding Her Face

There’s No Sleep in Cosleeping With a 9-Year-Old

By the time your children are old enough to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you’d expect sleep would have returned to your life. No more screaming newborn means a chance to wake up refreshed and eager to start the day, right? I’m here to burst your “one day sleep will come” bubble. […]

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Daniela — A Baby Shoot

Not every birth goes according to plan. When Daniela was born, she’d been in her mom’s belly for 29 weeks and six days. She was in a NICU when most newborns are having their newborn shoot. But her mom had a cool idea: to take photos on the day Daniela turned 29 weeks and 6 […]


Cole — A Newborn Shoot

One of the most special things about being a photographer in a small town is getting to take pictures of the same kids through their various life stages. In the case of little Cole, I took photos of his happy Mom, Dad, and big brother when he was still in Mommy’s belly. Because his mom […]


Tara & Rob — A Maternity Session

If taking photos of newborns is my favorite thing to do, maternity shoots run a close second. Everyone is excited about the impending arrival … and it’s even more fun when there are big siblings involved. This shoot for Tara and Rob was special — the mother-to-be and I met in fourth grade, and we’ve […]

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Muppets Most Wanted Kermit the Frog

Why Can’t ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Be the Type of Film Our Kids Get Every Time?

Warning. What is about to follow may make you feel old. Or, at the very least, make you feel like I’m old. If you must ask, I don’t yet have a “get offa my lawn” sign, but donations for same will be freely accepted. The new Muppets movie, Muppets Most Wanted came out this week […]

Pennsatucky Orange Is the New Black

What ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Can Teach Us About Escaping

Like most of America, I have been devouring the second season of Orange Is the New Black since last week, when Netflix released all 13 episodes at once. I binge-watched three episodes the first night, hungry for more, and now that I’m three from the end, I’ve put off finishing it, hoping to savor them. […]

The ultimate musical viewing party

The Ultimate Musical Viewing Party on Netflix

Most people have a favorite TV show from childhood. Me? I have favorite musical numbers. No, I didn’t grow up on Broadway. I grew up on a dead end road in a small town in a rural area. The cable company wouldn’t run lines to our house, and as we were nestled in a valley, […]

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Country Life

Original Site of Woodstock

The Problem With Living Near a World-Famous Landmark

I have a bad habit to confess. I like to pick up books set in and around Sullivan County and read them. Doesn’t sound so bad? More of us should spend our spare hours reading? True enough, but there’s a slight problem. Our county is host to the site of one of the world’s most […]

Win 25K for Your Cause

Win $25K for Your Cause — Sponsored Post

It’s not always easy being a volunteer in a small town. A smaller population means a smaller pool of volunteers to pick from. A smaller pool of volunteers means a lot more work for the few … for the good of the many. And you don’t get a whole lot of thanks for it. So […]

tractor parade

15 Words That Mean Something Else When You Live in a Small Town

It could be said that small towns have a language all their own. It’s not that the words we use are unfamiliar to our city peers but that we use them in such different ways. Not sure what I’m talking about? Allow me to offer up a few words that mean something a little different […]

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