Homemaking down to an art

It took four years of home ownership to realize – this house will never be done.
Technically, we moved into a move-in-ready home in 2003.
Then we started over.
We ripped down wallpaper.
We painted.
We adjusted the house to fit our tastes.
We pounded nails to hang pictures and shelves and calendars.
Then our cats began smelling old cat smells.
We made some adjustments to suit their tastes.
Carpet was pulled up, laminate put down.
More paint.
Wires pulled here, spackle spread there.
Then the announcement – I’m pregnant.
A storage room became a baby’s room.
Insulation was added to keep an infant toasty warm.
Then we got cocky.
We can do a whole room. No problem.
We’ve got books. We’ve got ideas.
We ripped out half the bathroom and realized we were drowning.
We called for help and it came. Thank heavens for family and friends.
We learned fast.
We chipped out moldy old tile and put giant holes through crumbling sheetrock.
I got to know the nooks and crannies of Callicoon Supply, and they got to snicker at my often insane but totally earnest questions.
There’s a bathroom taking shape. There’s a shower, a sink, a toilet . . .
Sunday afternoon, I put the finishing touches on the last coat of paint.
I sat for a moment, the new bathroom exhaust fan whirring away the fumes to admire my handiwork when it hit me.
The pocket door is still a bit wonky, and there’s a closet to finish.
There are boxes of laminate waiting to become the floor of my bedroom and paint to be purchased for the living room walls.
Jillian’s playroom was overtaking my office, but we haven’t finished switching furniture out of the guestroom to make space for all of her toys.
The porch needs painting, and there’s a pile of Jillian’s photos that can’t be hung until they’re framed.
I climbed off the floor of my almost-there-but-not-quite bathroom and walked quickly out the door.
No time to glance in the mirror or worry over the drips of white ceiling paint on the blue walls.
I don’t own a house. I have a home, and I’d better get back to work.

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