Mergers and education

Ah, school vote day. Time to exercise my American birth right, protected by the taxes I pay each and every year.
Ain’t it grand?
I’ve read all the letters to the editor, brushed up on my candidates’ statements and studied the district report card.
Now I’m off to cast a ballot for the lesser of two evils and help decide what’s down the road for my daughter come 2010.
I can’t tell anyone else what to vote, who to vote for or why.
If you care, you vote. It’s that simple.
Instead I’ve turned my attention to a short sentence in a recent letter touting the virtues of a certain candidate.
The letter, the candidate – they’re for you to judge.
But the statement.
Ah, that was loaded with column-worthy fodder.
This candidate, it said, is the product of a successfully merged school district.
Guess what.
Most graduates of any school in Sullivan County in the last half a century are products of successfully merged districts!
When I yanked the tassel across my mortarboard, there were 10 school districts in Sullivan County – each with the word “central” in their monikers.
Want to know another word for centralized?
Yes, Delaware Valley Central School, Narrowsburg Central School, Jeff-Youngsville Central School … all merged districts.
The same goes for Roscoe Central, Livingston Manor Central, Monticello Central, Eldred Central, Fallsburg Central, Tri-Valley Central, Liberty Central …
You’ve got the idea.
And you know what it means?
Me … yes, little ol’ me … is a product of a successfully merged school district – albeit one that no longer exists.
My grandfather graduated in one of the early classes of the Delaware Valley Central School District.
Come August, he’ll be 87.
My grandmother (who, by the way, can’t be nearly that age!) too graduated from a centralized school, traveling from her White Sulphur Springs home to Liberty High.
Seems the old merged districts have been churning ’em out for years – even those re-merged to create the now infamous Sullivan West.
Want to play a hand in the “central” game?

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