I sing it my way

So word has it that country music star Trace Adkins wants to stomp my hind end.
I didn’t say it – he did.
Although his choice of wording wasn’t quite as family newspaper friendly.
He told the thousands of folks out at Bethel Woods Friday night that he wants to stomp the, ahem, butt of any critic who criticizes his country.
He got a lot of cheers – after he’d set up the moment with his red-, white- and blue-blooded “Arlington.”
Don’t get me wrong.
I gave in to the lure of country music years ago. I even admitted my falling right here in this column.
And patriotic anthems hit me right there in the esophagus, where a lump grows so big I can hardly swallow.
I’m a big ol’ sap when the TV plays Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be An American” along with the colorful bursts of fireworks.
I get those hot little pricks of tears in the corners of my eyes.
If I’m fast on my feet, I can pretend someone kicked up some sand.
Usually I’m not that good.
So I just squeeze my eyes real tight and hold on until it’s over.
I love being an American too.
And a song about one of our soldiers dying with honor, his (or her) body coming home to rest in the national cemetery is both sad and stirring.
That’s exactly why I’m going to risk incurring the wrath of a 6-foot-6 country singer whose theme song promises “gun rack, ball cap, don’t take no crap.”
Guess what, Trace. I think they should bring the troops home and focus on the problems here in our own little corner of the world.
Now I did it.
Let me explain.
When I go to cover a concert, I usually know what to expect.
I knew the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young “Freedom of Speech” tour was going to be a liberal slam-the-president fest last year.
The people who told me they thought they wasted their money on their tickets because “I wanted to hear music, not their political opinions” obviously didn’t do much research on the show beforehand.
I knew what I was in for with Trace Adkins too.
A big fan of his “One Hot Mama” – after all, us mommies like to hear someone still thinks we’ve got it even with the stretch marks and saggy tummies – I was planning to enjoy what I could and chalk the rest of it up to facts of the job.
His comments just allowed me to do double duty – cover a concert as a reporter, respond as a columnist.
The funny thing is, I couldn’t do that just anywhere.
It’s only here, in America, where I can write a newspaper story about what I saw and heard without toeing some party line.
I can do it in the same country that allowed two Americans, a Brit and a Canadian to bash the president in Bethel last year and Adkins to threaten life and limb of us cranky critics on Friday.
Ain’t America grand?

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