Put ’em up if you believe

Election season brings out the worst in people. For once, I’m not talking about the politicians.
It’s the so-called supporters. The ones who take it upon themselves to spin things in their favored candidate’s favor.
Last week, we ran two rabidly opposed letters to the editor.
The first, from a candidate, called out the folks who have been stealing her campaign signs.
The second, from someone I can only guess supports her opponent, told her to get real and get over it.
In two and a half weeks, no doubt she will.
But in the meantime, I wonder what folks who are out there stealing campaign signs have guiding their moral compass.
The candidate in question wasn’t the only one who has fallen victim to the vandal and the thief.
Banners – worth more than some local politicians spent on their entire campaign – have gone missing.
Signs have been plucked and the pumpkins surrounding them smashed to a sticky orange mess.
The letter writer who warned it comes with the territory is absolutely right.
That doesn’t make it acceptable … or all that mature.
And it’s far from practical.
It could earn you a ride in a police car and the politician you’re fighting some positive press.
It could make them fight harder, and the landowner who commissioned them to prop up the signs to order a cool dozen to replace the one flapping in the breeze the week before.
Where one purloined placard could easily be thrust under the front mat for safekeeping, try going back for a dozen without being caught.
Oh the irony when you’re spending election day in jail instead of casting your ballot!
Perhaps I’m a bit touchy about this particular part of campaign season.
It is after all a violation of free speech, if you really think about it.
The folks who are all for a democratic election where they can choose their own candidate are putting the cart before the horse.
I want to make my voice heard, they’re saying, so shut up!
Their kindergarten teachers would be so disappointed.
Want to pump up your candidate?
Write a letter to the editor. Send him a donation to help cover the cost of advertising.
Help her go door to door. Offer to plant her sign on your lawn.
Better yet, get out there and encourage people to register. Offer to drive them to the polls.
Then cast your vote.
Oh yes, and on Nov. 7, take your signs down. After the election, it’s called litter.

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