This woman’s junk

There’s just something so good about a Website where someone posts “Offered – Composted Horse Manure,” and they’re serious!
I’ve developed a new Web obsession, folks, at least relatively new to me.
On a tip several years back from a local librarian (they’re fountains of information, you know), I signed up for Sullivan County’s own Freecycle.
The premise is simple – keep stuff out of the landfill (a la “recycle), and no money can change hands (thus “free…”).
I’ve made a few transactions in the past year, mostly on behalf of Jillian who has benefited from two postings for little girl clothing and a Disney Princess keyboard that, she was delighted to report, plays her favorite song.
Indeed it does.
Over and over and over.
But, hey, it was free. And she loves that that little pink piano with the tinny rendition of “Be Our Guest” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
Just last week I had my first successful posting, passing on a grocery bag full of Pampers to a grandmother-to-be.
It’s jumpstarted me into the holiday season like nothing could this year with the election funk of early November.
We’re still keeping my Santa Claus alias a secret from my daughter – although the requisite November cold has left my nose a curious shade of red not seen in nature.
But in my own small way, as I rid my attic of long-forgotten had-to-have goodies, I’m becoming part of a network that bills itself as “changing the world one gift at a time.”
That’s the beauty of
These are gifts folks – whether, like me, you wanted to clear up your junk room before holiday gift giving fills it back up or you’ve answered the numerous “wanted” posts by a mom desperate for some infant-focused entertainment or a church looking for a coffee pot to keep the drip going at its pancake breakfasts.
I can’t help it, I’m a bit of a pack rat.
Bits of ribbon could one day adorn the perfect present.
Plastic medicine bottles are the optimum size for wayward buttons.
And about those buttons . . .
On Freecycle, I’ve found kindred spirits.
They’re the folks who post cane chairs in need of recaning or a box full of ladies purses.
A handy fix-it type can do that chair up in a jiffy, right?
And somewhere out there is a little girl itching for purses to add to her trunk full of big-girl dress up clothes.
Some things are just too good to be thrown away.
Like “plenty of composted horse manure available in Monticello.”
Interested? They’ll even load the truck for you “if you give us some warning!”
That’s some Sullivan County spirit for you.
I’d say I’m ready for the holidays.

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