Reason not to vote for Ron Paul? It’s plastered all over!

You’ve got to hand it to Ron Paul.
While Obama and Rudy and all their pals are working hard trying to tell me why to vote for them, the Texas Congressman has already told me why not to vote for him.
The reason is brandished on road signs all over Sullivan County.
His bumper sticker – up for sale for a whopping $3 apiece on his Website (or two for $5!) – has been slapped on bright red stop signs and those yellow warning signs.
For awhile there was even one stuck to the bulletin board put up by the hard-working Sullivan Renaissance volunteers in downtown Jeffersonville.
The sticker had been glued right to the glass, which likely created quite the job for whoever de-gunked the surface and took it down.
I wonder where on Mr. Paul’s platform he’d like to add, “defacing public property.”
Oh, I’m sure he didn’t take time from his busy stumping schedule to put his stickers up here in Sullivan County.
It had to be some Republican flunkie who made a donation via his online “store” (after all, his site advises “purchases” count toward the $2,300 campaign contribution limit on American individuals. But if you’ve hit that mark already, you can call his campaign for some freebies).
Well stocked with the bright blue stickers, they hit the town.
I considered calling the state and county and maybe the towns for an estimate on the damage done – after all, removal would take up a highway worker’s time, put mileage on a publicly-owned vehicle and cost us for the squeegee and the de-gunking fluid used to clean the sign.
So we’ve got salary, cost of fuel, wear and tear on tires . . . all out of our tax dollars.
All this for a candidate who so proudly states he’s never voted to raise taxes.
Perhaps the “flunkie” got something right.
I didn’t know a thing about Ron Paul until my husband pointed out his stickers last week.
Then I got mad.
I went online and read up on his campaign.
I now know a lot more about Ron Paul than most American voters.
Guess what.
I’m still not voting for him.
Want to know why?
I wondered if there was a reason for handing the all-important task of marketing over to someone with such an obvious lack of respect for the hard-working taxpayer.
But an e-mail to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee last week went unanswered.
Turns out Ron Paul doesn’t care to tell me why I should vote for him.


  1. Get real and grow up.

  2. Sorry this has to be a drive-by comment, but you’re silly.

  3. Lack of respect for the taxpayer?He wants to @#$%@#$% abolish the income tax without replacement. Jesus, what more do you want?

  4. Well, the followers of Ron Paul are very worried that the present trend of the American nation — the draining of its blood and gold in a Middle East cesspool, the willingness to take torture as a means to get to the “truth”, the ever-growing national debt (to be paid by your fine little girl when she grows older), the twisting of constitutional rights in the name of “patriotism” — all this has lead his young supporters (and some, like myself, not so young) to perhaps be a bit, er, over-excited. Let it go, and take a look at what Ron Paul has to say — and, well, even if we are old, we might forgive the young — who have always fought for us — if they happen to put up a few signs in a few places that we might not want them to be! Peace!

  5. So, let me get this straight. You think a person putting a sticker on a stop sign is a bigger issue, and factor in deciding who to vote for than the actual issues?Come on, who do you think you are kidding? Sounds to me like you just can’t give a valid reason not to vote for Ron Paul, so you are looking for anything you can. Most people I meet that are you like you really fall into 1 category – those who refuse to admit they are/were wrong about something.Have a nice day.

  6. Hi,You are right. People should not be putting stickers on Stop signs. People are definitely enthusiastic about Dr. Paul. Let me tell you why I support him.I am a 41 year old, father of three and I live in the Seattle area. I have never given a penny of my money to any candidate until now. My boys are 11 and 8. As these politicians continue to build the American empire (we are now in 130 of the worlds 190 countries) through endless war you hear conversations of this war lasting more than 20 years and also the talk of a draft. I love this country and am not afraid of dying defending it. I can not stand the thought of my boys being forced to go to a third world country who poses no threat to our national security and die policing the streets. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who would stop this madness and follow the advice of our founding fathers not to be involved in entangled alliances with other countries.That is just one reason I support him. Everyone in America should watch this youtube video: is another reason to vote for Congressman Paul.Take care,Darren D.

  7. Reasons NOT to vote for Ron Paul

  8. I support Ron Paul but I also hate it when people deface signs and deface property. Some people are dumb.

  9. Admit the truth. You put that sticker on the stop sign yourself, didn’t you? No real Paul supporter wants to “STOP Ron Paul.” Nice try, though.Besides, why would you allow the indiscrete enhusiasm of another voter to dictate YOUR vote? …unless you’re an idiot…

  10. seriously grow up. That’s the weakest reason I’ve heard yet not to vote for a candidate. Just because Ron Paul has enthusiastic supporters who are making decisions independently of him to paste bumper stickers on stop signs and windows? Ron Paul is the only candidate answering questions directly and honestly without smoke screening and with practical solutions. I’m sure His Campaign has better things to do than answer every disgruntled Mom with an Axe to grind about removing sticker glue from public places. Besides,tThese stickers are the result of common people trying to get the honest word out however they can about someone they believe in – in a political climate where only the rich politicians can afford to have successful campaigns. You should praise and thank these people for their energy and enthusiasm in trying to protect your freedoms. Any other bet than ROn Paul is going to get you more of the same – and that means ultimate loss of civil liberties and a collapsing US dollar.

  11. notice seager has nothing to say about the deputies for schiff stickers littering the county

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