Snow reason to like the season

Rumor has it I used to have a much fonder outlook on our current season.
The tip of my nose would take on a bluish tint – pressed as it was against the glass of the picture window.
A few flakes would fly, and I’d go into a whirlwind.
“No school tomorrow! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”
The dreaded homework long forgotten, I’d start tallying a long list of the what-to-dos for my day of freedom.
I must have been nuts.
Today’s list is even longer – “sleep late” replaced by “rise early” and “make snow-cream cones” with “avoid being creamed by oncoming drivers.”
I’m not a total grinch.
I’m all for a white Christmas.
Snow-capped mountains – at a distance – are a sight to behold.
And there’s nothing like watching little kids bundled up in their puffiest clothes bounding around in a white wonderland . . . provided I do the watching from inside.
Anything else and I’m afraid I retreat to the living room.
Curtains tightly shut, a good book in my lap and the thermostat cranked, I can almost pretend it’s any other time of the year.
There’s just one problem – I hate the cold.
My fingertips ache at the hint from the weatherman that the mercury’s headed down, and my toes curl up from the ends of my flip flops into nervous little balls.
Winter’s coming, they very nearly shout at me, it’s time to run!
Go south, young lady, they demand.
The thing is, I don’t ski or snowboard.
I don’t snowmobile or ice skate.
I could try, I guess, but my toes would rather walk the picket line.
My hobbies were fashioned for a friendlier climate.
No one writes romantic poetry about reading on the front porch on a frosty winter’s eve.
And the batteries of my camera go on strike as the nickel hydride inside turns to slush.
Worst of all, those glorious snow day cancellations have been replaced by white knuckled trips to and fro, with a toddler strapped in the back seat.
There she sits, her eyes fixed on the road ahead, shouting out from her carseat as the snow plow passes with its yellow lights flashing.
“Snow truck, Mommy! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”

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