Inside Out’s a Winner!!!

I did it again – and I don’t mind bragging!!

Inside Out was once again a First Place winner for Best Column at the New York Press Association convention last weekend. And since I’m bragging (and its my blog), I’ll share the judges comments: “The reader gets a great sense of Jeanne Sager’s easy-going personality in her columns. Whether she’s discussing a tragic event, poking fun at herself or recalling her fond memories along the river bank as a child, Sager’s style is both interesting and enjoyable.”

I took home a statewide second place as WRITER OF THE YEAR, a Third Place for Sports Feature in our division plus the First Place for Best Column.

For the Writer of the Year award, the judges said “Wow! It is clear that this writer has spent time cultivating sources. She is a thorough reporter with an easy conversational style – a comfortable voice on a variety of topics. Great stuff!”

For Sports Feature (, they said: “When a story explains, in an entertaining manner, what makes a person tick, we call it a good read. This is a good read.”

Thanks to all of you who keep me writing!!

And check out my links to some of my other writing on the ‘net – Bad Parent: Screen Queen is a good laugh. Especially the people who take things so seriously in the comments!!


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