A new tune for wedding bells

If you’ve been to as many weddings as I have over the years, they start to run together in your mind.
They’re predictable. They’re cozy. They’re one day when the good in the world far outweighs the bad, when happiness rules the roost.
So it’s hard to believe someone can still surprise me with their wedding choices.
But they did.
Saturday, I was rooting in my bag for my second flash, already armed with fresh batteries, when I realized the pastor wasn’t spinning the typical spiel.
A short description of any Christian ceremony usually extols the virtue of joining man and woman. This one didn’t bother. The pastor talked about joining people – people who love each other.
Most people in the pews had their eyes on the beautiful bride and her adoring groom and never even noticed.
But I did. I quickly remembered that I should be taking pictures instead of listening and got back to work, but the small snub of the traditional kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
This was the union of a man and a woman, yes, a man and a woman who see no reason why they can’t one day be joined in the state of matrimony by a man and a man or a woman and a woman.
It gave me the same swell in my chest I feel when two little kids from different backgrounds meet on the playground and say, “hey, you wanna play?”
It made a special room for this wedding in my heart, a wedding that made room not only for the love of a bridge and groom but the world outside.
It made me remember why I love weddings, why I get caught up in the moment as a bride takes that first glance in the mirror after she’s donned her gown, why I still tear up as a groom watches his wife-to-be begin the slow walk up the aisle.
It reminded me that every wedding is different after all – because no love is the same.
And when I finally get the chance to take photos at the wedding of a couple of grooms or a couple of brides, I’ll be listening for the spiel about the joining of two people.
It will be a good day. It will be a happy day.
And it might surprise even me.

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