What’s bugging you

Product reviews have taken off . . . and although swag is fun, it comes with certain responsibilities! First of all, I have to be honest. Which can be tough!

And with my most recent work – for Babble I’m only allowed to pick the five absolute best. With tons of products on the market, it’s testing me more than Jillian and I ever test the products!

So here’s the deal, to ease my conscience, I’ll be posting the “losers” on here – at least the good ones that I wish I could have included on the list. Meanwhile, buzz on over to Babble to check out the BabbleBest: Insect Repellants!


  1. I also write Babble Bests. I admit to having a size bias (I live in 1400 s.f in NYC). Also I always look for the value play. Yes, there has been some junk that’s crossed my door. Not sure where to warn parents off about the bad gear we test. If you can check out my blog http://www.momtrends.blogspot.com. I do product reviews, fun giveaways and profiles.

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