A new era

For those of you guys who have been living under a rock – and thus haven’t been getting my weekly Christmas card-like list of my accomplishments, I started a new column a few weeks ago at PeekabooPicks. Dubbed Mama on the Move I run down my favorite products every Tuesday for moms like me who are always on the go!

But not everything that comes through my mailbox these days fits into the Mama on the Move category. And I’m getting so many cool products, I’ve decided to branch out this site and start adding some reviews of the products that don’t make it into the different sites that regularly print my words.

So what’s coming? Reviews, goodies, hopefully some give-aways . . . But I need some feedback! Anything you guys want to read about? Anything you want me to check out – remember, the holidays are coming! So leave me some comments!

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