Gender selection . . . may I have your attention

My favorite projects are those that take me out of my own little microcosm up here in New York State and into the minds of parents around the nation. Relying heavily on Help a Reporter (have I said before Peter Shankman is my hero?), I’ve been picking up new work lately that has come close to changing my stance on some pretty big issues!

The Babble Gender Selection piece, published a few weeks ago to augment the mag’s Gender Issue shocked me for the lack of response – it generated a mere 10 comments at last look. I wanted to know what people were thinking on this one! So I was a little happier to get an e-mail in my Gmail inbox this evening, a weblog for the Center for Genetics and Society put up a snippet on the piece and told me I “nailed the issues.”

So what do you guys think? Girl, boy, or you just want to count to 10 on fingers and toes?

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