Johnson’s take me away . . .

Do you have one of those plastic tubs full of half-used lotion bottles? When I paw through our medicines and other bathroom goodies – all currently housed in the guest room due to our neverending bathroom remodel – I find entire bottles just sitting there. They’re left over, no doubt, from the Christmas gift exchange of three or four years ago.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my lotion just as much as any other girl. But give me a little credit – I can’t take just any old thing and slather up.

Yeah, yeah, you know I’m getting somewhere with this. My new obsession. I finally figured out Johnson & Johnson isn’t just for Jillian. And they’ve hooked me. The Johnson’s Melt-Away Stress line claims to have “Aromasoothe” to “calm and relax your senses.” Science and mega-marketing buzzwords are all well and good . . . but wouldn’t any mom rather hear it smells sexy? Because nothing says stress-relief to me like feeling a little less like frumpy mama. Johnson’s has done it – they’ve bottled mmmm, mmmm, good. Or at least put enough in there for the bodywash to take up residence in my shower, the lotion to be rescued from the fate of the bottles piled in the guest room and the night cream to end out the day.
Too bad they can’t do anything about those saddlebags . . .
So, does anyone out there actually LIKE getting all those lotions at Christmas? Or is the scent you put on your bod a little too personal for a Secret Santa exchange?

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