Manis and pedis, but hold the margaritas for the little ones

This piece over at the Times scared me. “Never Too Young for That Pedicure.” Are you kidding me? The 7-year-old profiled was sitting in an Upper West Side spa with her 3 1/2-year-old sister in tow. Yes, 3 1/2, the same age as the little pirate currently chasing our dog with her plastic sword and shouting, “Stoooooop, play with me.”

Even in an upstate nail parlor, the cost of upkeep keeps me out of the chair, so don’t expect to see my kid climbing in. I’m not introducing my 3-year-old to the world of “pink and whites” and “acrylics” before she can even pronounce the word.

So how do I balance a little girl who wants to glam it up with the pocketbook and the desire to keep her a little girl? It’s called the home spa guys . . . and yes, you can let their fingers sparkle and their hair smell good without adding a French maid’s costume and patting that butt out the door and down to the corner.

Our new favorite is the AllyKats line from a Maine mom who was playing around in her kitchen with her kids and came up with a funky lip balm that was good enough to eat – and good enough for kids. Founder Robyn has since passed the torch to Colett Bigler, a Washington state mama who’s working to spread their “posh potions with pizzazz” to retail spots around the nation. Having a mom of little girls behind the products gave me that extra push in their direction – they don’t want their princesses smelling like a French you-know-what either, right?

The pink and green labels, with a little girl and her kitty in the center, give a hint of what’s inside every AllyKats bottle – something sweet, girlish and purely childlike. When she watches me spritz myself with my own grown-up perfume, Jillian always begs for a spray. And I don’t feel bad whipping out the bottle of AllyKats Apple Blossom Super Spritz and squeezing at the pulse points or lathering up her washcloth with the Apple Blossom Squeaky Clean Wash. If the apple leaves you feeling a bit too Gwyneth, the Lily Grapefruit Squeaky Clean Wash, Super Spritz or Bubble Bash is a tamer alternative. On pirate days, lily grapefruit is the cat’s pajamas. Meooooooww. Oh come on, I couldn’t help it.

By the way – they’re offering free shipping through the end of August on sales of $20 or more, so get over there.


  1. My daughter used to love having pretty fingernails, especially the polishes with the sparkles in them. She would sit in the sunlight looking at her nails for the longest time. I don’t think you’re ever to young for that..Kris S

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