Save a buck, find a steal

Being a parent is expensive – no surprise there. I’ve started telling friends who claim they’re “waiting to be able to afford a child,” to quit, now. Short of being the Donald or Geeky Gates, you’ll never be able to afford having a child.

A USDA study breakdown from 2004 figures the average middle class family will be spending $184,320 to get one child to age 17. That doesn’t include college.

And you wonder why I scour the net looking for deals? My newest favorites – BabySteals and MamaBargains are cut from the same cloth. Every weekday, they up one of those “must-have” parenting products, priced anywhere from 50 to 80 percent off the regular market price. Limited to just three – so moms like us make the buys instead of someone planning a mass resale on eBay – the products sell until there are no more. Every day, there’s a new goodie.

It won’t make us money, but hey, at least it’ll ensure a little extra at the end of the week to slip in their piggybank . . . you know, for post-17, when the real price kicks in!

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  1. Wow! Who knew kids were so expensive. I’m amazed that people choose to have more than one with amounts like that floating around.Jennife


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