Tuesday Treasure: Idbids

I had to sneak the idbids box into my house because I knew one glimpse of the cute little flower inside, and it would be gone.

Making “iddy biddy steps for a greener world,” idbids eco-friendly starter kit is my back-to-school-time find for education at home. Featuring a “field guide” that lays out the “iddy biddy” steps kids can take to make their life a lttle greener, the kits put an “I can do it myself” spin on living the green life. For a mom with a pre-schooler who can do just about EVERYTHING by herself (or so she says), that’s the key to making it happen!

The kits also sport a little cinch-sack backpack made of organic cotton and sized just for their little backs. Although we’ve got a dozen and one kid backpacks dangling from random hooks around our house, designating an extra for the car so they can tote a few groceries is never a bad idea. It plays into the green theme of idbids AND the mommy’s helper role all little pre-schoolers crave.

Oh, and did I mention that cuddly flower toy I knew would disappear? While I’ve been typing this, Lola has already been claimed by a little girl whose eyes grew to saucer-like proportions when she saw her new friend propped against my monitor. Also spun from organic cotton, the idbids mascots – Lola and her buddies Scout (a cloud) and Waverly (a raindrop) are the main characters in the idbids storybook that accompanies every idbids kit.

When the story’s done, log on to print out their “certificate of completion” and learn more about their new eco buddies. What’s that sound? It’s Lola taking iddy biddy steps onto the favorite stuffed animal perch in my daughter’s room . . .

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