Wanna Cha Cha?

Sorry sexperts . . . in my house it’s a cha cha. Check my new essay out on Babble: Bad Parent – A Private Matter!


  1. Ms.Sager-I created a blog identity on my Google account just to comment on your article on the Babble site. It seriously made me laugh out loud becaue I too call the female area a “cha-cha”. My other laugh-out-loud moment that I feel only you would understand was when I saw a commercial for some sort of medicine (for arthritis?incontinence? can’t remember and it proclaimed that it would “give you your cha-cha back”. Hilarious only to me at the time! Thanks for the great read! (oh, I also call breasts “woobies” and I’m a 31 yr old grown woman).

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