A find that can help when they’re lost

One day I’m going to find the person who created the little vending machines they put near the doors of grocery stores. I’ll kick him in the shins and run away.

Yes, my daughter had discovered the “put a quarter in and get a prize” machines. Although when I was a kid, I seem to remember better prizes – and they cost a lot less. Am I showing my age? Or is it all the lead paint on my toys when I was a kid that’s clouding my memories?

I have no problem with the little rubber bouncy balls or even the scratchy “friendship” bracelets, but the skanky tattoos have got to go. What 3-year-old needs “sweetie” or “juicy” plastered on her arm? But lest my refusal now to let her have a temporary tattoo sends her running for the nearest parlor to get that tramp stamp on her 18th birthday, I’m willing compromise. Especially when it works in my favor . . .
Temporary Tattos with a Purpose are just that – they last about 10 days, even, according to one mom I talked to, after heavy pool exposure. And inside the kid-friendly designs (think a heart, a dinosaur, a butterfly, a rocket . . . no Jamie Lyn Spears-wanna-be in sight), the tattoos say “I’m lost, please help me be found!” with a space for you to write in your name and number. Considering how fast Jillian can slip away to those blasted vending machines, I’ve always got my heart in my throat in big crowds. This helps loosen the lump. And for moms whose children have some sort of disability, TTP has a line specific for you – with “I’m lost and I have . . . ” everything from autism to Down Syndrome, a peanut allergy to Alzheimer’s (for those parents already taking care of their own parents).

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  1. pretty awesome for class trips… especially special needs groups. good find!

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