Big Words, Even Bigger Giveaway

As much as we try to encourage language in our house, everytime my daughter comes out with a word that makes me stop and actually tune in to the blather. Yes, I confess, sometimes I tune her out.

She’s big on adjectives that she can pronounce with gusto. Food she doesn’t like isn’t “icky,” its DIS-GUS-TING. New toys are FANTAAAASTIC! And Mommy is BEAUUUUTIIIIFUL. She’s a suck up, but we love her. Enough to buy her any book her little heart desires. Well, almost any book. Because I could chuck the playroom full of toys, but watching her sit on the couch with an upside down book telling herself a story is like looking back 20-some years.

We have the classics, but we’re also developing a library of the new books worth owning. That includes the Jamie Lee Curtis’ series, one of the rare sets of celebrity-written titles that are worth the money. Teamed up with Laura Cornell, a mom and illustrator who’s drawn the colorful and funky kids in each of Curtis’ books, her latest is Big Words for Little People, a rhyming tale of consideration, patience, respect and patience. They’re big words, yes, but they’re some of the most important we can teach our kids, and Curtis and Cornell manage to impart their wisdom with gentle humor that tickles little funny bones.

Thanks to the folks at HarperCollins, Inside Out has a copy of Big Words up for grabs in our newest giveaway. Want to get in on the fun? How about a little dialogue? In comments, tell us the big word surprises to come out of your children’s mouths (or those of neices, nephews, whoever the kid in your life may be).

Feel free to comment on each other’s feedback! The contest will close on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 in time for another giveaway, so make sure you check back to see who has won and sign up for our next giveaway. To be notified immediately, subscribe at left. Extra entries as always will be offered to anyone who grabs my badge or blogs about this giveaway and comes back to leave it in the comments’ section.


  1. I remember when my 15 month old told me she was “intelligent.” I about keeled over. doot65{at}comcast[dot]netElizabeth

  2. My nephew pointed at his first real-life alligator and followed up by properly pronouncing the word at about 18 months old. The four doting adults started laughing so he repeated the word over and over again. I’m sure my child’s first won’t be appropriate for writing in the baby book…

  3. I started reading to my grandson when he was six months old.A book named Baby Hippopotamus, was one that I frequently read.I was shocked one day when he was around a year and a half and he asked for the Hippopotamus book.Thank you!janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Your badge is on my sidebar. (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I was just shocked when I asked my daughter what an animal was and she said ‘lion’. May not be a big word, but it was fantastic to me that she actually knew the difference between a cat and a lion.=) melaniehttp://melaniescrafts.blogspot.commelanieadey at hotmail dot com

  6. I have your button on my blog.=) melaniehttp://melaniescrafts.blogspot.commelanieadey at hotmail dot com

  7. My nephew whose now almost 17 used to say hastabull for hospital which I thought was cute.

  8. I have your button on my blog.

  9. My son is 3. He makes me laugh because of his unusual word choices, like saying something is “nasty” instead of dirty or “tasty” instead of yummy. That rascal.My baby is 13 months. The only thing he can say is “woof woof”. 🙂 He waves bye bye, too.onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  10. My 14 month olds mostly say “dah” for everything, but lately they crack me up with the sounds and syllables they come up with when I ask them to “tell me something.” And they are great at whispering!andrewandkristan(at)

  11. just last night my 21 month old daughter was repeating “OBVIOUSLY” over and over … today she took a liking to the word “gnocchi” (not a long word but a funny one to cling to!). she’s also a fan of “ridiculous” but she has yet to master our last name (a ten letter italian mouthfull.)i’d LOVE this book (and i added your badge to my blog).

  12. Man, this makes me think I’m not using big enough words with my son! His favorite word, by far, is shoes. When he first started saying it, it was backwards, “Oosh.” He loves shoes.

  13. When my granddaughter was 2 years old, we gave her a toy pony on wheels that she could ride around the house. I asked her what she was going to name the pony and she immediately said “Butterscotch”! I had never heard her say that word before so I was quite surprised.Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway!proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  14. Well, my daughter was about three or four and she “thought” she knew a “grown up” word.She happily told me that her Uncle Robert had a “peanuts”

  15. My son used to say “boo-gusting” for disgusting, and now he says “snooky” for spooky.akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

  16. My fiance’s 5 year old niece got in the car after a hot day at the playground and took a drink of water. She then said “I feel like a blooming flower”. A short time later we were at our house playing this balloon game. She was using the air pump to blow up her balloons. She then said “It smells like Home Depot”. Do you know what, she was right.

  17. well things I have been shocked they picked up frick, frack and jack and the other I almost peed myself he was saying shi shite shitkee then he says shitakee mushrooms because he couldn’t find something- he learned it from a family member- oh nothose were bad words that shocked me but when one of my girls said her friends mom was having rhinoplasty it shocked me till I asked her and she said her mom likes rhinos I knew she didn’t understand

  18. My 3YO daughter likes to use the word “delicious!” Also, when asked for the first time what her dolls name was, she said “Anastasia” No idea where that came from!

  19. My mom said when I was around 2 we where behind a car and she she “Sheww, whats that smell?” I said to her “Its the catalytic converter, Mom.” Apparently I had heard her say it before and repeated it. She tells me that story over and over. She will never ever forget that.

  20. I was talking once with a little girl who was about 2 and talking about a hippopotamus (I don’t even think I can spell it). Thanks.

  21. I died laughing when my 5 year old told me that the commerical on tv was totally inappropriate for her.

  22. My 2-year-old grabbed a Panda puppet at the library and had him roar at me and try to bite me. I told him, “I’ve never had a toy Panda attack me before.” To which he replied, “Vicious Panda.” It cracked me up.Oh and my 5-year-old niece told her mother (who had just had a baby at a midwife-attended homebirth), “I’m going to be a midwife when I grow up. That’s a feminist profession.”

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  24. My 6 year old still says ‘computeter’ and ‘mazagine’ no matter how hard we try to teach him the right pronunciation–and our other kids follow suit–I’m suurprised my husband and I haven’t started saying ’em the same way!

  25. I will never forget when my son was 2 and lectured me on patience. He was potty training and had an accident. He was concerned that I would be upset with him. I said of course not and then he said, good. It’s very important that you are patient with me. I am just a kid and I make mistakes. Just have patience with me mama.It was classic!When he was 3 he told his teacher that he had an irritation. The kicker was he was right. He had a rash under his arm. They were amazed that he knew such a word at his age!

  26. Okay…not such a little kid but still….my 8 year old just asked if she could have lawyer. Not a huge word but sort of a lofty concept.

  27. My 1 1/2 year old brother tells everyone to shush. The other day some lady was talking to him and he looked at her and told her to shush. My mom almost died.

  28. Looks like a great book to give as a gift. Parents don’t always appreciate the gifts I know the kids will LOOOVE 🙂 This looks win-win!

  29. We had a dog that was sick and died about 1 year ago. Well… my son is very comfortable with death because EVERYONE we see hears about our dog “Chaz, who had a booboo belly and is having fun in having up in heaven with Buster” (our daycare provider’s dog, who has also recently passed away). He daily looks up at the sky and says that he sees Chaz playing with Buster. It warms my heart – and kind of freaks out others that he tells. 🙂

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