Can You Tell Me How to Get to THEIR Sesame Street?

Sesame Street went global a long time ago, but the folks at Putamayo Kids are bringing it back to your playground.

The music company will unveil Sesame Playground on Monday, the CD/DVD that takes kids on a trip to Sesame Streets around the world. Ever wonder what Rubber Ducky sounded like in Chinese or how they open the show in Tanzania? A refereshing change from the same old Elmo song, the Sesame Playground CD takes kids the next step past Dora’s Spanish to a global look at their early morning favorite.

I haven’t seen the DVD yet, but teaser videos on the Putumayo Website show off Sesame Street characters from Brazil, Israel and others. I’m hooked. So if you’re looking for me next week, you’ll have to figure out how to get, how to get . . . to Sesame Street!


  1. Sesame Street is a household word. You never have to worry about the quality of the program your child/grandchild is watching. Children enjoy all of the bright colors the music and they relate to the characters who have feelings very much like the ones they are having. Besides who can resist learning how to count with The Count.

  2. Oh, I love their cds! I can’t wait to hear Sesame street in different languages.

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