Cause I’m freeeeeeeeeee

You know that saying, “cheap is good, free is better?” I’m not going to argue. So I have to share my latest obsession – or should I say my new best friend?

After you sign your butts up for Ebates and UPromise to get money back on all of your purchases (and if you’re in my family to earn a little money for a little someone’s college . . . hint, hint), head on over to FreeShipping to find out who is offering up free shipping, when and for how long. They’ve got all the big names – Target, Gap, JCPenney – and some new ones I’ll be investigating (and you might just hear about here on Inside Out).

Oh, and since we’re talking free, we’ve got just one week to go before I hand out two brand spankin’ new Stardust Lullaby CDS in the second September giveaway on Inside Out – so sign up to win, and subscribe to find out when the next giveaway hits!

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