Exchange that old stroller for cash

After I had Jillian, I was always running into women my age who got that wistful look on their face. “Oh, I want to have a baby so bad . . . but we’re waiting until we can afford it.” In a rare moment of tact, I didn’t delve into hysterical laughter.

You can never afford to have a baby. Sorry, you just can’t. But maybe you can recoup a little bit of that milk money.
Kelly Morse’s JoggerMom site earned my thumbs up last month in my Mama on the Move column over at PeekabooPicks. The mom of four, including a set of triplets, knows her strollers, and as I found out, that includes her baby doll buggies. When you’re done with one of the mom-approved strollers from her site, Kelly doesn’t want to see them sit in the shed and in the way until your kids go off to college. So she’s set up Stroller Exchange, a sort of online consignment shop for all things wheely baby. She takes a small listing fee, but otherwise Morse leaves the money to the moms – who can put up strollers for sale, stroller requests, even look for special needs strollers.

Best of all, Kelly offers her expertise in stroller sales with tips on pricing, how tos for selling on the Web and, of course, a one-stop-shop for stroller exchanges. Bookmark this one Mom, and maybe you’ll be able to afford an extra lunch . . . somewhere that doesn’t serve chicken fingers.


  1. Very Cool Idea! I should post my stroller on there. I probably will never need it again.

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