Flying high with the elephants

I don’t deal well with animal abuse stories. I cry. I shudder. I go home and hug my dog. Then I call Jonathan and beg, puhleeeeease. Just one more?
He’s said no more animal shelter visits. No more lost pet stories. He’s already married to the crazy cat lady. He can’t handle crazy iguana lady too.
So he was probably a little nervous when I told him about this BBC News piece. A 4-year-old elephant in China has been receiving methadone shots for the past year. Methadone – you know, the stuff they give to smack addicts and James Frey? Poachers fed Xiguang heroin-laced bananas to keep the poor thing under control, and you know elephants – they never forget how good it is to get high.
Kind of like Republicans . . .

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