Golden Dragon? Hear me Roar

The name leaves a little bit to be desired, but the Golden Dragon light from Sylvania has taken the mystery out of getting dressed in the morning.

The little round disk is a light (after all, this is Sylvania) that attaches via magnet right to the wall of the closet. Run your hand past it, and it turns on. Run your hand past it again, and it dims. One more time, and it goes off. No mashing on it to make it work, no goofy clapping and no electric source needed – it’s battery-powered and will power off in an hour of its own accord to save you AAs. And let me tell you, this thing is BRIGHT! I found out this weekend just how badly I need to yank out the ceiling of our closet (like we did for Jillian’s a few weeks ago). I’ve also found out how many sweaters I forgot to put away for summer – and thus don’t have to pull out for winter!

At around $16, this is a heck of a lot cheaper than installing a light in cabinets, closets or a darker spot in the kids’ bedroom that they are always complaining about. It’s one of those mom products that’s really a mom lifesaver.

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  1. What a very cool find! I am definitly going to purchase one.

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