Have you got a Wee Bubba?

If you’ve caught sight of my daughter’s butt crack a time or two, you probably thought her jeans were just a wee bit too big, right?

Thank you for giving us a little credit, but I hate to disappoint. Yes, I’ve come to terms with it, we have in our house a Wee Bubba. She’s got all of her teeth (almost), and we try to keep those britches up, but she is a country girl after all!

Which is why I cracked up when I found the MeGiant line of kids tees. Packed in a retro lunchbox, the American Apparel plain white tees are emblazoned with a simple saying or word in a funky script. Goofball(our other fave), peanut, silly goose, toothless fairy, junk in the trunk, ants in my pants, and, of course, Bubba can beat the pants off the same ol’ same, same ol’ Dora tee any day.

The Wee Bubba shirts are available in short and long sleeve, from 6 months on up to 6 years, and the $32 price tag includes the tin lunchbox for storing their toy cars or toting crayons to Grandma’s house. So get on over and “git chu some uh them,” and tell ’em Jeanne sent you!

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  1. Too cute. I can’t wait to check out these tees for my guys. My son has always been known as peanut to me (though, he may be getting too old to wear a shirt with that name written on, but Mom’s in charge! haha)Great find Jeanne, thanks for passing it on!

  2. I don’t know about the goofball shirt, but I do like the Bubba shirt.

  3. I’ve got an ANTS IN THE PANTS kid! Cute find Jeanne.

  4. Thats great! The tags lines on each shirt is something you don’t see every day. My son is definitly a Goofball. 😉

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