How to – in case you didn’t

I was told by one of you (not mentioning any names here!) that subscribing to my blog is confusing, so I’m going to spell it out for anyone who might have been too embarrassed (or, OK, too lazy!) to ask:

  1. Go to the end of this post.
  2. See the “subscribe to inside out by e-mail” link? Click on it. Fill it out.
  3. Now go check your e-mail. There should be an e-mail telling you to confirm or activate your subscription.
  4. All done!! Now you’ll get my ramblings every time I post – so you don’t have to remember to sign on.

See – I managed that with (almost) no sarcasm. This is why you sign up – because you love not being beaten over the head with my reminders to do so! Oh, while we’re at it – one reminder!!! Sign up for my giveaway for a t-shirt from StinkyKids. I can see a whole bunch of people have viewed it, but you need to leave a comment to be entered to win! The contest ENDS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. So sign up now!

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