How to Take Care of My Kids – and Win Too

It’s Monday, and that means the next round of giveaways are up!

To be honest, I was a little intimidated when the 14-year-old babysitter showed up at my door with a sheaf of papers for me to fill out so she could watch my daughter for the day. I usually have one of those pull off sheets from a “baby-sitter’s helper” pad, scribbled with information.

But this list was intense – I had to go check my board several times. Is there something wrong with a mom who can’t remember her pediatrician’s number? I used to know it by heart . . . but then again, my mother was working there then. Oy vey . . . knock wood, my child is rarely sick.

But for moms who are as inept as me, I have found my new Bible. “By the Book: How to Take Care of My Kid” has EVERYTHING you can ever think of. Scratch that. Erase it. Everything you will never think of and just by pure dumb luck your babysitter will need it. The big blue binder has your standard three ring set-up with page after page of sheets for every occasion. There’s space to write in numbers of good sitters. There’s space for the babysitter to jot down what they did for your sick child – symptoms, medicines given, and the like.

There’s even a “parents only” section with tips on how to interview nannies, forms for the babysitter to fill out, questions to ask them, even a model contract for nannies. Use up too many of the pages that really fit your lifestyle (because, like me, you can never find a sharp pencil and thus waste paper using a pen)? Go to their site and download replacement pages instead of having to buy a new book or buy physical copies.

Oh, and I did say it was a Monday, didn’t I? By the Book Kids is giving one Inside Out reader their own copy of my new must-have. Want to be entered? I need a baby-sitter story – something funny, something embarrassing, a good tip . . . leave it in comments for an entry! For extra entries, as always you can blog about ithe contest and/or grab my badge – but you have to come back and leave a comment linking to the spot where you’ve done it (good way to get your site out there too!).
The contest will end next Monday (as always) which is September 29. Remember the other giveaway day is Wednesday, and there’s still time to get in the running for the Jamie Lee Curtis book. Otherwise, come back, read the reviews, and find out if you won – or subscribe to know first when you get the goodies!


  1. Something Funny: My mother watch my son for me when I went back to work after having him. Well, as we all know mosquitoes come out in the summer. My son every day for a couple weeks would have a new mosquitoe bite and I was getting really made at my mother for not ensuring that he didn’t get bit when she took him outside. So she decided to keep him inside all day. She put him down for a nap and when she went in to check on him. He had a mosquitoe sitting on the tip of his nose. He looked like Rudolph for about a week. My mother felt so bad, but couldn’t stop laughing at it. I look back and it still makes me laugh.

  2. Baby monitors are also babysitter monitors… I had been working outside for a few hours and when I came in to check in with the babysitter, she was putting the baby to sleep. Yay! My excitement lasted just a minute or so, because as I was changing I heard over the baby monitor that the babysitter answered her cell phone. And what did she tell her mom? “I have been trying to rock the baby to sleep for half an hour and she won’t fall asleep.” Hmmm… might the phone have had something to do with it? I waited a few more minutes, then relieved the babysitter. I still love the kid, but cell phones now stay in the kitchen when babysitting!

  3. Today, of all days, was the day that my darling daughter decided to “share” her milk with me. She came running up to me (all dressed up for work) and dumped the entire sippy cup down the front of my outfit. Looked at me and then very proudly said “ILK!” and laughed.

  4. I don’t have a funny story about my son, but I do have one from my baby sitting days – I used to baby sit two adorable kids. The boy was about 2 at the time, and his parents forgot to mention he was in an “everything down my pants” stage – may my child never have one of those! Well, as I went to go home I could not for the life of me find my keys…we looked everywhere! I had to call my mom to bring me my spare set and wondered where they could have gone until I got a phone call the next day. As he went off to bed he stuffed them into his pants… unforunately the remote starter didn’t make it through the night (well, maybe it did, but I was not about to open it up to try to clean it out and see if I could get it to work, lol). Now that I have my own little one I can’t see why I didn’t clean it out, but at the time I was totally disgusted!! I would love to be entered if I’m eligible (I’m from Canada) thank you!natasha_sacopaso[at]hotmail[dot]com

  5. I grabbed your badge :)

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