I nailed it!

You know that old saying, you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose? OK, maybe that’s just in my family (thanks Dad), but the ick quotient stands. I don’t have those kinds of friends.

The boundaries gets blurred when you give birth. All of a sudden you’re attacking a little nose with reckless abandon and big blue bulb syringe. Not to mention the intimacies of a diaper change – nothing in life can ever prepare you for pulling a long blonde hair from a little girl’s behind. I tell her not to chew on it, but hey, did you listen to everything your mother said?

There is one line I’ve drawn in the sand. Despite all advice to the contrary, I use clippers on my daughter’s nails. Terrifying though it may be, I find it infinitely more appropriate than chomping on her itty bitty digits with my giant teeth. But after drawing blood once or twice when a hand went flailing (never the toes – one mom to another, the secret is to attack them while they’re eating!), I’ve been on the hunt for the best nail clippers for little nails.

Would you believe the best I’ve found were also one of the cheapest? Woohoo! Even bigger surprise, they come from a company I always linked to toys. Playskool has moved out of the toy aisle and into the pharmacy. The Hasbro-owned company has moved into CVS with its Ages and Stages line, and a host of must haves that I’ll be stocking up on for future baby showers (although I can’t find those clippers online!). There are even a few I’m still buying for my own family – like the Cottony Cloths, softer than the standard wipes and moist enough to tackle a dirty hiney or a dirty face when you’re on the road. Or the Wash and Toss cups, a good replacement for the sippy for kids who make use of the standard cup but still haven’t learned to keep everything upright in the car. Maybe not the find of the century, but Playskool has taken the “cool” into baby care with reasonable prices and some innovations on all the old standbys. For an everyday mama, that counts.

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