It’s Georgie’s World – You Can Dress Him In It

When mothers of little boys find out I have a daughter, they tell me I’m lucky. Not because they necessarily want a little girl. They just want her clothes.

Boys clothes, they tell me, are just not as much fun to buy. When I started looking for an outfit for my daughter’s little friend a few months back, I had to admit it – they’re right. You can buy t-shirts with Spiderman and t-shirts with puppies (which, by the way, is one of my biggest pet peeves – girls like dogs too!). There are shorts with dump trucks and pajamas with firemen.

But what about clothes that aren’t covered in something that just screams “the same character-driven ensemble that every boy on the playground has in his closet”? Good news. I found them!

Georgie World caught my eye because of the name. Although our “boy name” fit our plans for a “J” baby, I’ve always had a thing for “George.” My favorite cat – Curious George. My dad’s nickname – George. And Georgie World is as cute and cuddly as the cat, as off-the-wall as my dad. For those of you who’re acquainted with my father, I promise there are no pocket tees on the site, just “man” clothes for the little man’s body.

They have your standard t-shirts, but they say things like “I’m Not Your Target Market.” Not exactly Spiderman or a dump truck. But the real reason you need to check out Georgie World are the old man styles done up for kids – they’re soft enough to make them comfy for kids but the retro designs will make him THE man on the playground.

Hey moms of boys, welcome to the club – shopping is fun again!

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  1. By George I think you’ve got something. My little great nephew will look so cute in those tee shirts.

  2. love this shirt. What a great find! I hate shopping for little boy, but this makes it a lot more fun.

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