It’s Monday . . . You Know the Drill . . . Let’s Light It Up

When I started doing giveaways on Inside Out, I realized I needed to make them worthwhile. Which means making two really crappy days better for all of you – and I think we can all agree Monday sucks.

So in order to brighten this rainy (in New York) Monday, I offer up my new find: SuperMomz! I was poking around the Web (as usual) looking for something funky for my monkey (my daughter you pervs), when I found Julie’s site. Well organized and absolutely chock full of stuff, I probably spent an hour browsing . . . and that’s bad for Mama’s pocketbook.

But SuperMomz is one of those sites that has plenty for your money – with stuff for mom, baby and both. That means time saved, and combined shipping (and she’s offering a shipping deal through the end of the week, just $2 for everything).

Best of all, Julie has one of my favorite goodies, the TykeLight from Mobi, on sale right now! A stubby little person (I think?) the entire TykeLight glows so your kids don’t get scared at night – and your electric bill stays reasonable. Instead of the standard nightlight stuck in the outlet or the lamp with the strangulation-risky cord, the TykeLight can be plugged into the wall for a simple charge and then go cord free. Which means it can go right into bed with them – and it never gets too hot for little hands or creates a fire risk.

Available in blue or pink, the TykeLight shines bright enough to help them navigate the path to the bathroom, but it can be dimmed down to help lull them to sleep.
Want one? SuperMomz is giving away one TykeLight to one lucky mom this week on Inside Out. Open to moms from the United States and Canada, the contest will close next Monday, October 6, (in time for another giveaway).
Want to enter? Go check out SuperMomz, then come back and tell me what you found that you just have to have plus a bedtime story that let’s me know why this would be a good fit for your family (or who you might be passing it on to). For extra entries, grab my badge and/or blog about this contest, then post the link in comments. And make sure you subscribe so you’ll know when the next contest goes up (remember – Mondays and Wednesdays) and you’ll find out first who won (hopefully it’s you!).


  1. What a great website! So much stuff. I love the Diapees & Wipees Travel Sized Diaper Wallet.My son gets scared when he wakes up in the night and it's pitch dark, so he comes bawling into our room. We've tried regular night lights, but the bulbs burn out so quickly. So now we leave the closet light on all night, every night–this fun little light would save so much on electricity!

  2. I love the Frog Pod Drainable Bath Scoop and Toy Organizer Holder by Boon. Our twins are still in our room…and need a night light. If we had this I think it would help them do better in their own room and also let us sleep in the dark for the 1st time in 14.5 months!andrewandkristan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. They have the Melissa & Doug standing easel! I had that on my holiday gift list for my daughter last year but couldn't afford it.She recently developed a fear of the dark so she sleeps with me and I have to leave my bedside lamp on for her. Well then I can't get to sleep because I need it to be dark. So hopefully something like this would help me transition her back to sleeping in her own bed so I can get some sleep too!

  4. wow what a neet lite i love to try and win this my little one i know would just love this for her room thanks

  5. I like your disclaimer by the way. Ok what product do I like. I like the baby bracelets. My husband adores this lite. Might have to get another one even if we win. Bed time story? hmm. My daughter likes Sandra Boynton The going to bed book. I hope I did everything right to enter.

  6. I think my son would benefit from the Countdown Critters Timer For Kids. He doesn’t have a good concept of time. He says everything is “20 minutes”. :)He has to have a night light! He would love this little light!onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  7. Hello! What a fun giveaway prize drawing. Our youngest son sleeps with his desk light and nightstand light on every night. He would love this light! I really like the “Frog Pod” drainable bath scoop and toy organizer holder by boon. I would appreciate being entered in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  8. I wish I had found this website when I was pregnant. Anyways my favorite item is the Nurse n Glow Pillow by Bela Baby. This is perfect when your nursing baby in bed and don’t wanna wake up daddy.My 11 year old son is still scared to sleep with all the lights on. So everynight I have to leave the hall light on for him. I think this tyke light would make him feel comfortable with having all the lights

  9. I want one of those glow in the dark nursing pillows. It’s just enough light to see what’s going on. I love it!My son has a little glow worm but it doesn’t stay on long enough to do any good. I hope this little guy stays on for at least ten minutes. That would sooo help!!

  10. Great stuff! I love the Travel Wipe Warmer. I also love the standing easel.If I do when this I am giving it to my grandbaby. My son and daughter in law are in their own apartment for the first time since the baby was born and she has her own room however at bedtime she will stay in their no more than a couple of hours before she wakes up crying. We bought her a nightlight that worked for a while(it changed colors) but it got hot so we removed it for safety reasons.

  11. The toddler time out mat looks great. We are hitting that age where we are going to need that.http://melaniescrafts.blogspot.commelanieadey at hotmail dot com

  12. The Mobi cam ultra baby monitoring system is awesome!At bedtime, my daughter has a fear of the dark already and her nightlight is just so bright that it keeps her awake at night.

  13. Oh they have a lot of great stuff!! I really like the silibib baby bib! They look great and wont be all yuck and stained!This night light would be GREAT for my toddler. We read LOTS of bedtime stories! His favorite books right now are the baby einstein counting book and a Dr Seuss book….The Nose Book!

  14. I love the Frog Pod Drainable Bath Scoop and Toy Organizer Holder by Boon. I love the site by the way, there’s so much that I could really choose.I would love to win the nightlight for my son who sleeps in a loft bed and really wants a cool nightlight for when he needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He’s seen these in a store and it would be a great surprise if I could win this for him. A bedtime story, I don’t really have one, we come up with our own stories as he loves to make up imaginary stories. Currently we’re talking about dragons, castles and knights!Thanks for the great giveaway!ann dot guns at mac dot com

  15. Great shop with lots of the necessities!! I would love the Belle Nursing Bra by PassionSpice Maternity, as we are due with our first in January and I need lots of basics (but would still like to look like a cute mom!). The bra is functional but sexy. Really cute. As for a bedtime book, I’ve already bought a few – one of them being the traditional ‘good night moon’. I cant wait to rock our little one off to sleep! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  16. I think the item I like the best is the Babeebrite Hands Free Mobile Light. I can see many applications for parents of babies and young children. It would also be practical when you are travelling and in an unfamiliar hotel or staying at someone’s home overnight. The Babeebrite Hands Free Mobile Light would be very comforting even for adults trying to make their way around in unfamiliar surroundings at night. I like the way it can also be used for reading in bed! It would be a useful items for anyone – and what a practical baby shower gift that you KNOW would not be duplicated! Thank you for the giveaway!Nancyallibrary [at] aol [dot] com

  17. I love the Ballerina Dinnerware Set. Perfect for our little one.The night light is a wonderful item. I love that you can put it right in the

  18. We love BabyLegs, definitely a must. We co-sleep with our daughter and we sleep with the TV on so I can see her through the night. This would be a lot better!livlifelov at yahoo dot com

  19. Great site! I really need to get some glamourmom nursing tops before this baby is born.This past spring we moved to an old farm house in the “middle of nowhere” we LOVE the seclusion, but my dd has been coming to our bed most nights because she wakes up and the absolute pitch black darkness of night in the country scares her. This light would be a great solution!

  20. I really like the Nurse n Glow Pillow by Bela Baby. this is the first time I have ever seen a product like this. I REALLY could have used this for my newborn days!! Wow I am totally kepeing that in mind for my next baby.My daughter wakes up at night & wails for me. If I use a nightlight she doesn't get scared when she wakes up. Right now I use a lamp but I worry about electric cords and things like that. This giveaway would be perfect for us!!ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

  21. I love the Candela Rechargeable Lamps! The night light would be great for my son since he hates using his own bed. Maybe then he would like sleeping in his bed.

  22. I have been looking for something like the diapees and wipees, so I am glad tho find this site.We need a nite lite because my clumsy butt wakes up my son as I try to sneak out.hetz-junk(at)hotmail(dot)com

  23. b-buckles are something I wish I had known about when I was pregnant! I really like my old worn in jeans and had to wear new ones.My daughter used to wake up and play quietly in her room rather than cry and then go back to sleep, now she refuses to have a night light when she goes to sleep, so when she wakes up she comes and wakes me up now! This would help her to have something to see with and still be a non night light having big girl 😀 Her sisters don’t have a night light so she thinks big girls don’t use nightlights, she is only 3 I didn’t convince her to not have a nightlight.legacyofbrutalitysa{AT}

  24. I blogged about this giveaway:Herelegacyofbrutalitysa{AT}

  25. I have your button on my blog:Herelegacyofbrutalitysa{AT}

  26. Nurse n Glow Pillow by Bela Baby…looks great and not wake up the house

  27. Frog Pod Drainable Bath Scoop and Toy Organizer Holder by Boon i love the fact that this wont wake up the whole family when the little one needs to go use the restroommami at

  28. it was hard to pick one fave but i like the frog pod drainable bath scoop and toy organizer holder. that would make my life sooooo much easier!as for bedtime stories, we just grab whatever book is on the shelf. the kid gets to choose!fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  29. Swarovski Crystal Hair Barette by Bling Baby

  30. The Frog Pod Drainable Bath Scoop and Toy Organizer Holder by Boon is am excellent choice and I really could use.

  31. Hi!Your contest is simple and interesting. I have blogged about it on my contest blog Please inform me about your further contests to let more people know about them. Feel free to submit them here – it is free.Here is the link to my blog post.Cheers, Contest Hub.

  32. They have everything! The breastfeeding support kit sounds like the perfect present for my very pregnant friend – I wish I had gotten one! (Actually the nipple care items I could still use, teeth and breastfeeding just don’t seem to be working out for me)My little guy will wake up (I mean UP and not going back down) if it’s totally dark when he opens his eyes. I’m not exactly sure of the reasoning behind this, I assume it’s some sort of phobia, but to make sure he doesn’t wake up in total darkness I always have a small light/night light on in his room. I like that this is portable, and can grow with him – I try my best to make sure any of our purchases are ‘growing’ ones, if I can at all. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  33. I have your button on my sidebar 🙂

  34. What a coincidence that I just bought one of these for my niece’s birthday last month, and she loves it. I am going to buy one for my son so I’m bookmarking Supermomz.I also love their Diaper Wallets, particularly the Brown Embroidered Garden. I’m starting to downsize the diaper bag so these would be great to tuck in my purse, and the fabrics don’t scream “diapers!”Thanks so much!

  35. I added you button to my sidebar…Also, the bedtime story. I don’t yet have one for my son, but we have a whole routine of soft music, a fan for white noise (we live on a busy street) and some lavender mist spray. I know he’s going to appreciate a little night light when he gets older (he’s 6 months) so this would be perfect since it doesn’t get hot and can be carried to the bathroom and into bed with him. I would have loved this as a kid.

  36. Oh my, knees pads for babies? Are you kidding? That is genius. My son’s poor knees are all red and irritated. This would be a lifesaver! (well, it wouldn’t really SAVE his life, but make him much more comfortable, I just like being dramatic)momspark [at] gmail [dot] com

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