Label this One Sold

I hadn’t heard of her yet, but playing with my mom’s label maker when I was a kid was the best way to indulge my inner Martha. Yes, those bits are few and far between, but somewhere deep inside of me, there’s an organized diva waiting to leap out and growl at you.

I said deep inside.

ANYWAY. We have come a long way from the little red gun that my mom would feed with colored ribbons of gummy-backed plastic. No more spinning a wheel to pick letters one by one. No more squeezing with all your might to make the gun emboss the letter on the hard plastic.

I’m now a labeling fool with a DYMO LetraTag personal labelmaker. It’s supposed to be used on spice racks and all of those Martha-type things. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve been typing into it – they’re probably not fit for blogging, but it’s much more fun than Martha-ing it. BUT, I’m sharing this thing for two reasons – it’s cheap, just $29.99, and for those of us whose kids insist on bringing things with them where-ever they go, it’s a must have. Heck, for those of us who buy clothes a size or two sizes bigger so we can save a little money at the sales, it’s a must have.

It’s saving my life anyway . . . and providing endless amusement.
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