Let’s Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer

One of the hardest parts of being pregnant (you know, besides the seven months of throwing up, the trying to get to sleep at night, the constant having to pee . . . you don’t really want me to go on with this, do you?) was the orders to drink “water, lots and lots of water.”
I hate water. I’m sorry. I’m a disgrace to my country upbringing. But I have never been a fan. I grew up in a house with a lot of iron in the water (which explains how this vegetarian managed to avoid anemia for all those years) and it didn’t do much for the taste. Then I lived in Manhattan – ugh. Then a Virginia town where the EPA had to step in to deal with the excess fluoride content that was staining everyone’s teeth. Real water just tastes blah – like there’s nothing there.

So when was I supposed to pick up on water? When they finally started coming out with a Twist on the same old, same old. The best so far? Twist’s Pomegranate Blueberry which pairs up the antioxidant (and anti-UTI – did you know you can eat blueberries instead of all that cranberry juice) power of blueberries with the tang of the pomegranate, all under 10 calories.

The Twist waters come in six flavors (I’m still cracked up by the name “Marion Berry”) that are flavorful without being overpowering. You know you’re drinking water, but there’s something there when you swish this stuff around your mouth. And yet, it’s not too juicy either. Made from pure fruit organic fruit juice, these are the waters you can take with OR throw in their lunchbox without sugaring them up. That’s their job.

So let’s Twist again . . .

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