Make Room for the newest Strollerderby Columnist

I have no shame – no wonder I named my column Inside Out! So please allow me to do my little happy dance for you guys: I’ve been hired by the folks at Babble for a regular gig! I’m now the newest blogger at Strollerderby – the Mother of All Parenting Blogs.

Don’t worry, you aren’t losing me. I’ll still being turning our world Inside Out and offering up the Monday and Wednesday giveaways (Mini Rotation ends today, but a new one goes up tonight). Thanks to the growing list of subscribers here at Inside Out – you’re the first to know when a new giveaway goes up and the first to know who wins (still waiting on a reply from one of our Stardust winners – looks like some should have subscribed).

But if you’d show me a little love at my other homes around the Web, I’d be grateful. So, without further ado . . . my list: Strollerderby, Burbia and PeekabooPicks.

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