Making an Honest Baby out of her

I promise this isn’t one of those “out of the mouths of babes” jokes that makes you want to go bleeecch. I’m not one of those moms (no pumpkin appliques yet). But the stuff that comes out of my 3-year-old’s mouth has been known to bring me close to shooting Diet Lemon Pepsi out the nose. Ever tried it? Much worse than milk, let me tell you – the bubbles tickle and the lemon stings. Definitely one of those “don’t try this at home moments.”
Last week, she told me she wanted to be “born again.” No offense to any Christian readers, but I nipped that one right in the bud. After chucking her baby’s first Christmas ornament down the stairwell (and at my head), I tried telling her how sad Mommy and Daddy were that they wouldn’t be able to buy her a new one. When in doubt – lay on the guilt. Like butter baby.
But she’s a millennium kid, so the concept that we couldn’t just “buy a new one” didn’t go over too well. “Why not?” Yes, the inevitable why. “Well,” I replied, “they only made them in the year you were born.” She rolled her eyes (she is my daughter). “OK, I want to be born again.” Ha – not in this lifetime baby! Mommy’s not going through that again (see my Babble piece, One Is the Awesomest Number).
I think it was her big mouth that attracted me to HonestBaby, the online community put up by mom Jill Besnoy (good name, huh?) with an online shop attached. I found her when I was combing the Web for ideas for stories, but I realized I needed one of these for Jillian. Specifically “I’m not a Performing Monkey,” because, well, she sort of is! The kind who refuses to repeat a hilarious misdeed on command.
The other shirts are just as funny – Ferberizing Stinks (as any of us can attest), Don’t Expect a Lot, I’m Big for My Age (take that kid-hater in the grocery store who expects my daughter to walk faster than little legs can really carry her!), and my other fave: I Heard Einstein was a Late Talker (this one’s for you Amanda!!).
Made for newborn through 6 years, these soft and cozy shirts have a giant dialogue bubble (think the little things spouting from Charlie Brown’s mouth) on the torso that screams for them – kid thinking down here! So put the world on notice with your HonestBaby slogan, and check out her community – Jill Besnoy cracks me up!


  1. That was really cute Jeanne. I should get the Einstein shirt for the boys. Wouldn’t that be scary if I was raising the next Einstein(s)?!

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