Mini Winners

The Mini Rotation Giveaway closed tonight, and I have a surprise for those who entered. The folks at one of my favorite all-time t-shirt shops sent enough prizes to award five mamas something funky for their tots!

So I hit up to help me make the decisions, and apparently it pays to be #3. Once again, the third comment on the list hit the jackpot – that would be Jennifer who said, “It’s the penguin thermal for me. I think they are cute and so will George.” I have to agree with her – I’m a penguin fan, and the comfy thermals were what first attracted me to Mini Rotation.

The other winners are: #1 – Mom of 2 Boys. #4 – Kendell. #8 – Michele and (big jump here) #31 – Janet2000. All five of you have 72 hours to contact me to claim your tee or onesie – first come, first serve.

As for the rest of you, new giveaway goes up tonight! And the folks at Mini Rotation are busy rolling out kitschy kid’s clothes, so show them a little love – your kids will be spinning.

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  1. Thanks Jeanne. George will be looking cool this year.

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