Potty Training’s Toughest Foe . . . Fought

I usually steer a wide berth around health issues on Inside Out, at least those relating to products. I don’t want to take the role of nurse practitioner or doctor.

But I’ve talked to enough moms about the poop issue that I had to share this. Take it from a mom who knows – one of the biggest hurdles to potty training comes when a kid is nervous about pooping on the potty. You can sail right past the pee issue, have dry nights for a year, and still be struggling to see clean undies because they’re holding those cheeks as tight as can be. And the longer they hold it, the harder it gets . . . I’m not trying to be gross here, just telling the truth.

Because there’s nothing like sitting in the bathroom while your toddler squeeeeeeeeeezes your hand, and cries for you to make it better. There is nothing like knowing if they would just go to the bathroom, it would all go away. But as a mom, you have to sit there. You can’t do anything while your child is in pain. She cries. You cry.

We tried everything. Really, everything. Prune juice. Prunes. Apple juice. No more cheese (which, for this family, was sheer torture). No more bananas (ditto). No more milk (which didn’t last every long – she’s a growing girl and needs her calcium). Then there were the extremes – sticking a suppository up you-know-where. How is this not child abuse? For the same reasons I just said no to the rectal thermometer, this was not on my list. And the mix-with-sippy chalky stuff? She’s a toddler, not Mikey.

In the end, the folks at Fleet (yes, the enema company – no laughing here) made life in our house easier. They’ve come out with Pedia-Lax – laxatives that are not only made for kids but in forms you can actually get your kid to swallow. There are grape quick dissolve strips (get ’em in there and they don’t have a chance) and watermelon (you don’t see that one every day) chewables. Made for kids 2 to 11, they’re not just for potty training kids – but if you’re looking for answers, look no further.

And to help you on your way, I found a coupon for $1 off!

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