Say Good Night Chuckie

Why does becoming a parent mean giving up all of the good toys? My stuffed animals – mostly childhood toys or gifts from my boyfriend (yes, the one who became my husband) over the years have slowly but surely migrated into my daughter’s bedroom.

What’s left is one stuffed Taco Bell dog high on a shelf (the first present from my husband), one stuffed rabbit (my first stuffed animal, period), and a well-loved puppy (a present from my late grandmother). That’s it.

So when I found the Chuckie GoodNight, I have to confess, I considered taking him home and hiding him on the top shelf of my closet. He’s just too darn cute. The spokespup (I think?) for the Chuckie GoodNight Foundation for the Environment is dressed in his PJs with a crown on his head and his own pair of fluffy bunny slippers. He comes with the Goodnight Chuckie storybook, the tale of how Chuckie got his name. It encourages Earth stewardship through Chuckie’s motto, “It’s your Earth and my Earth too. Let’s make everyday Earth Day. Please be kind to Mother Earth!”

The money for the sales goes to the foundation, which funds Earth stewardship education for teens and a scholarship for high school seniors who will be pursuing an environmental course of study at college. So maybe I should invest in two? One for Mom to keep all to herself?

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