The Pride of the Yankees

I’m not used to people commenting on my clothes. My kid’s snazzy duds, yes. Mine, no.
But the Yankees tee – a gift from my in-laws one Christmas – I was wearing yesterday earned me compliments right and left. Yes, I said compliments, not the Bronx cheer.

Perhaps they were rubbing in the fact that this season will be the first in 13 that the boys in pinstripes won’t be making the playoffs? Oh well – all I can say is I’m no fairweather fan.
I just had to put that out there before I shared my new find over at Little Jammies. The brand new online store, a division of Panda Apparel, is run by mama Donna Marino. And yes, it’s a PJ-only zone. Think fleecy footies and longjohns for lounging.

With a little girl whose entrance to pre-school is putting a limit on the cuddles she’ll bestow on Mommy, I’m stuck fast to the bedtime ritual. It’s the one time she’ll give up that hug and kiss without a fight. Although, this could be a good thing in her future . . .

I’ll invest in pretty much anything to make bedtime go smoothly, but Little Jammies hit a home run because it doesn’t break the bank. PJS with the “officially licensed” logo of Major League Baseball run no higher than $15.99. And the clincher? They’ve got soft and cuddly Yankees pajamas for every age.

But don’t think of it as banishing my Yankee pride to the bedroom when I dress my daughter in the designs from their MLB line. We’re just visiting the playoffs in her dreams.

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  1. Wish I saw this site sooner… I could have put affordable Mickey Mouse pajamas to good use this past week 🙂 There is always a next time! Great find.

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