The real naked brothers

I’ve written enough “bad parent” essays for that I should probably be carted away, but their latest wasn’t written by me – it just could have been. Mom Ellen Friedrichs let’s her 2-year-old daughter run around naked in Bad Parent: Clothing Optional.

Big whoop! At my daughter’s playdate on Friday, she was soaked to the bone from plenty of hose play with buddy Domenic, and I let her go down to her Elmo undies. The scandal of it! It gets worse though – I’ve let her bathe in the same tub as her boy cousin, who is all of 11 months older than her. Oh, and I took a picture. A picture that she will likely destroy in about 10 years, but a picture all the same! Shocking, isn’t it? Guess what: she’s 3. So she strips in our front yard. So what?

Naked kids don’t belong in say the mall or the grocery store. But some loons even jumped down Friedrichs‘ throat for limiting her daughter’s clothing to the simple onesie. Apparently they’ve never tried a quick diaper change on the go when a toddler is wearing a onesie, shirt, skirt, tights and the rest of the accoutrement on the market. And they’ve never faced a mountain of laundry after just one day with a kid who drools, spits up, spills her sippy and smears things on her front. Sorry, the less clothes the better in this mom’s opinion.

And if that means naked, so be it. At 2 or 3 or even 4, what do they have to hide? Boy or girl they spend a good part of the day touching it anyway (a practice the boys will pick back up in about a decade). And I’m not buying the claim that a toddler with clothes on is any more sanitary than a mini nudist. Have you seen where kids put their hands? Have you seen where some adults put their hands?

But, of course, the Bad Parent essay always tells the unpopular story of a parent who is completely normal. Or should we say normally abnormal? Way to go Ellen – from one bad parent to another, I’ll see ya in therapy!

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  1. Well, add me to that list of people to see a therapist. I have always let my son, who is now 4, run around naked or semi-naked. He’s a baby/toddler. He needs some freedom to do as he pleases and who wants to spend all their time doing laundry. Give me a brake – if I put on new clothing throughout the course of a day I would have by the end of a week 2 loads just for him. Who has time for that? I say let them be kids. People need to stop taking things to the extreme.

  2. Well I was told they made a stupid law saying girls who are 1 and over can’t be outside or in a pulbic place without a shirt on or it’s abuse. well i i’m a bad parent. I’m guilty of letting my child be a child!

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