There was an old woman who . . . gave birth to three kids?

I’m tired just thinking about this one – a 59-year-old French woman gave birth last week . . . to triplets.

Count ’em – that’s 1, 2, 3 babies (trois enfants for fellow grads of beginner French!). Not only that – she did it on purpose! No egg splitting oopsie here. She packed her bags and traveled all the way to Vietnam for fertility treatments because the French government has banned fertility assistance for women who are “at an age when they are unable to procreate naturally.” One AP story put the cut-off at 42, but even my best Googling hasn’t determined how they came up with that number. Isn’t the point of fertility treatment for women who can’t procreate naturally? At any age?

Apparently the French are as precise about fertility as they are about monogamy.

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