They’ll have Stardust in their eyes (and ears)

Although my husband will tell you a computer can’t truly spit out random numbers – he’s right, but we’ll leave the technogeek up to him – I used to come up with the winners to the Stardust Lullaby Giveaway that ended tonight.

Singer Cher Klosner has very kindly put up two of her soothing songs for Inside Out winners, and you won’t be disappointed! Mama Cher has been an incredible resource for me – she blogs over at and has given me lots of good tips. So for those of you who didn’t win, how about showing her a little love with a purchase at her shop? She’s even given us a discount code: NOVA9. It’s good for free shipping plus a 20 percent off discount through Sept. 30.

OK, now on to the big winners . . . this is like American Idol, I keep putting it off!! has crowned numbers . . . . 3 and 26!!! That’s Ashley K, who said “I love the Rock-a-bye baby song…reminds me of my Gram singing to me when I was small and I have already heard her hum it to my son…beautiful” and klp1965, who said, “I like I See the Moon.” Please e-mail me so you can claim your prize within 72 hours. The rest of you – sign up for my other giveaways, subscribe, check out or Island Review for other good giveaways. And, of course, subscribe to be the first to know.

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