Tuesday Treasure: MyBabyPajamas.com

For someone who wears a fancy schmancy pair of shorts and a t-shirt to bed, you wouldn’t think I’d be so obsessed with kids pajamas. But I can’t help it. Snuggly kids, fresh from the bath and still smelling like Johnson’s Baby Wash are my favorite – especially if they’re my kid.

Mom blog fan Linda Levine is the same way – she says she enjoys all aspects of motherhood – “especially each evening when she would slip her boys into soft and cuddly pajamas right after their bath and before story time.” She decided to share the joy with other moms with her Website and store, MyBabyPajamas which stocks some of the cutest and cuddliest items on the market. You can shop by brand, by size or by gender, and you’ll find everything from Monster Proof Pajamas to Knuckleheads.

Since Jillian’s a big nightgown fan, we picked up the Skivvydoodles It’s a Sweet Life gown to guarantee some sweet dreams. Linda promised Skivvydoodles are a hit with kids because they fit loose, and a hit with moms because they’re that rare flame-resistant fabric that doesn’t feel itchy or stiff. I should have known the mama pajama expert would have it right. They’re soft, cuddly and slip right over her head – no yanking and tugging.

As Linda says, “a good night’s sleep means less cranky kids in the morning,” so head on over there. And take advantage of a special discount for Inside Out readers – 10 percent off with code RC10 at checkout!

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