Wake Up and Sing

I’ve been trying to keep my iPod out of my daughter’s hands. Some days I have better luck than others.

But I’ve been testing out a product I wish I got to keep (yes, folks, the secret’s out – I buy A LOT on here, but not everything stays in my hot little hands). The iHome iH41BR (say that three times fast) is part alarm clock, part iPod radio, part iPod charger. For those of us who’s bedroom clock brings in a whole bunch of static, this is the answer to wake up music that doesn’t make you want to clamp your pillow over your ears.

Considering it’s your iPod connected, the iHome iH41BR actually lets you pick WHATEVER you want to listen to in the morning – so you can pick something you’ll wake up whistling to or something so obnoxious you’re forced to get out of bed just to turn it off. Hey, whatever it takes to get your butt in gear, right?

And did I mention it’s a docking station for the iPod? Up high, good quality speakers and a remote? No more jam hands on the iPod . . .

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