Want to Bust Some Fur? Bust a Move to the Store

I’ve been neglecting parents with kids of the four-legged variety of late, so I’m finally fulfilling requests for some of the secrets to handling my menagerie.

Spay and neuter your pets.

Ooops, sorry. My Bob Barker moment has passed. The difference in the fur factor in every corner of my house comes courtesy of the FurBuster from Bamboo. It’s dubbed a “de-shedding tool,” but it’s the easiest brush I’ve found yet. The single blade (three different sizes come with the set – but the difference is width instead of depth) pulls at the excess fur without becoming so clogged you end up chucking the thing in the garbage. That’s the usual complaint for anyone invests in the standard cat or dog brush. That, a lack of grip and pain for the pet have always been my experience.

Ironically, my one cat thinks we’re massaging him when we run the FurBuster over his purring body, and we pull enough out of their coat to create another cat (never, ever, ever – I’m not ready to become the crazy cat lady just yet).

Final reason I’m sending you out to get yourself a FurBuster? It’s a multi-pet product. Thanks to the interchangeable blades, use it on your little kitties, your big fat cats, your puppy and your 100-pound lapdog.


  1. Sold! One of my dogs sheds what seems like a full coat everyday. I had seeing dog hair laying around.

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