We’re all Winners

I’ve got good news, and bad news. Well, bad news for klp1965 who never responded to claim her prize in the Stardust Lullaby giveaway. I returned to Random.org for a winner, and #10 Lindsey@KindredSpiritThoughts will be walking away with the second CD from Cher and Gene Klosner. I know I’m always harping on people to subscribe, but this just goes to show you why!

Lindsey, a blogger from Oregon according to her profile, even left me contact info – so I’ll be asking Cher to send the CD her way.

And my good news? I’ve been doing some winning of my own! The Literate Housewife Review threw a Book Blogger Appreciation Week contest, asking for people to write up a short piece beginning with the words, “I read book blogs because . . . ” I entered, and got an e-mail today from Literate Housewife herself Jennifer. My little ditty placed second according to guest author/judge Joshua Henkin.

My entry? ” I read book blogs because I can’t just judge a book by its cover. One browser window open to the blog, one window open to the local library’s inter-library loan site, I debate what’s worth a good Saturday curled up on the corner of the couch and what will keep me up until midnight and beyond just because I have to know. It’s true, I’m obsessed. I’m the fat kid, the books are my cake.”

And the reason I’m bragging? Because the Literate Housewife is worth a read, so get on over there.

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