We’ve Got a Speckle of Sunshine

I’m putting the blame squarely on Cat’s shoulders. I’m now obsessed with Etsy. In case you’ve missed the boat (or my ramblings), it’s the Web center for everything handmade and funky.

And the t-shirts from Taryn at Speckled Sunshine certainly fit the mold. This cool mama hand decorates the soft tees with monkeys, monsters and more, and they crack me up. The juggling monkey Jillian likes to wear is actually juggling the letters to her name – a unique twist on the same old, same old in the world of personalization. Check out her personalized superhero tees – instead of the “S” for Superman, we’re talking “J” for Jillian, “O” for Oscar or whatever their favorite name of the week may be.

She’s shining up kids clothes at only $12 apiece for most shirts (some sales take them even lower!) and offering up free shipping right now on my two favorites. So stock up on sunshine, because winter’s coming.

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