What’s that You Say? Is it Loud Enough?

In the attempt to ensure my child has the best of everything, I have come to one conclusion – the musical education must begin now. The Stones, the Crows (Counting, that is), Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra, Staind. We cross all genres and all eras in the quest to give those little ears the best education we can buy for the iPod.

Key word here – little ears. Which is why those awful headphones that come standard with the iPod got set aside in favor of the LoudEnough volume limiting earphones from Ultimate Ears. Researchers can’t agree on just how many people listen to their MP3 players at a hazardous volume, but they all say loud noise can have devastating affects for kids. So why run the risk?

The LoudEnough headphones come packed in a sturdy carrying case in kid-friendly colors that sound like something you’d pop in your mouth rather than your ear. But they’re a must for anyone who allows their child to share their tunes.

With rubber tips in different sizes – a standard addition to every package of LoudEnough – these can be adjusted to fit little ears, medium ears and on up. Once they’re set, just plug them in – they work not only on an iPod but MP3 players from other brands, the Playstation Portable, DVD players and a ton of other kid electronics. At $39.99, they’re priced right in line with the headphones designed for adults that line the shelves at the local box store, and you can get the LoudEnough there or right online.

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