When Things Get Hairy, We Get Sassy

It took a few weeks before it all sank in. I gave birth to a little girl. . . and after years of getting by with as few haircare products as possible, it was back to square one.

She’s got hair – and plenty of it. Which means I’ve become the master of finding ways to manage it – from my favorite Johnson’s No More Tangles Shampoo (smells like a dream and works like one too – looooooove this stuff) to my new favorite, Sassy Tails.

They’re uber girly, which means any tomboy mom with a girly girl needs a Sassy Tail for her little munchkin. A simple hairband, each Sassy Tail has frilly things hanging off the end, from feathers to my beaded ribbons. Gather their hair, wrap the band around the way you would any old hairband, and let the girly girl part down – voila, hair that looks like it was “done” when you didn’t do a thing!
And if you’re a mom who has got a handle on hair, just think of it as a few seconds shaved in the morning and a happy little girl is on her way . . . no sassing required.

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