Yookidoo – and you can too

Somehow the fact that my daughter is 3 hasn’t rescued me from the asiel of toys for younger kids. No, we’re not having anymore (that’s how rumors get started people).

I’m just fulfilling a request for some more baby friendly finds on Inside Out. Sort of. The Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse is disappearing from shelves all over the place – the first store I planned to link to has none left, and even the link I’m providing states “inventory low.” No wonder.

Designed for 12 months and up, this is a play tent or a shape sorter or a mirror or . . . It’s the sort of toy that keeps them enthralled – and not just for a few days. Because when they’re old enough to tire of flipping flappers and sticking little balls into tubes, they still need a place to hide out that’s just their size. I’ve never been big on “baby age” toys because they use them for a day or two and suddenly they’re bored AND too old. Even I had fun with the Discovery Playhouse – maybe it’s because I’m a big kid or maybe because it folds up and hides away?

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